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FS200: any comments?

Discussion in '5.7 X 28mm Club' started by G30SF/F-250, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. G30SF/F-250

    G30SF/F-250 GTDS Platinum Member

    I saw one at the store and really liked the way it looked and felt. I am now starting to do some research on it. Any input?

  2. srt-4_jon


    Jan 14, 2010
    It is a sweet bullpup. It does have a few drawbacks though.

    No last round bolt hold open. It needs to close to eject the last round out the front.
    Odd feeling in the hands.
    Limited aftermarket.
    Bullpup trigger.

    That being said, I would totally buy one. To me, it has less felt recoil than an AR. Ejects out the front so so hunting for brass if you do reload. Short OAL with a full 16" barrel and good balance. Plus if you are military, FN is doing a $300 rebate on the FS2000.

    Another good option is a MSAR E4

  3. G30SF/F-250

    G30SF/F-250 GTDS Platinum Member

    Thank you for your input. I will look into the MSAR.:wavey:
  4. Shipwreck-The-Sequel

    Shipwreck-The-Sequel Beretta 92 Nut!

    May 11, 2010
    Hockey City, Texas
    The FS2000 is not a 5.7 gun. You might get more info/replies on it in the Blackrifle section.
  5. UselessEnergy

    UselessEnergy simple user

    Feb 24, 2013
    South Central PA
    ^ this

    OP: check out PS90.. Its FNH's 5.7 bullpup rifle.