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Front Sight for Delta Elite Gold Cup Info Please

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Alan Antopol, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Alan Antopol

    Alan Antopol

    Dec 29, 2003
    NY, NY

    If the front sight of your Delta Elite Gold Cup sheared off, where would you buy a new one? What about a place selling new springs? Is the front sight easy to install or should it be taken to a gunsmith?

    Thanks and Happy Holiday! Alan
  2. Jason D

    Jason D INFRINGED Silver Member Millennium Member

    Jun 16, 1999
    Mivonks, MI
    If it were the staked on sight, a new one would have to be staked as well.
    You can buy the tool for it from Brownells if you wish.

    It would be easier to have a smith do it.

  3. Alan Antopol

    Alan Antopol

    Dec 29, 2003
    NY, NY

    Friend suggested I get night sights for the now "front sightless" Delta Elite. Any brands you recommend? Can a neophyte install them or do you need to have your friendly local smith do it?

    Thanks and Happy Holiday to all! Alan
  4. 1006


    Aug 12, 2007
    Newnan, Georgia
    If you think you will need night sights, they might be worth it. They only last about ten years--then they begin to dim.

    Colt, or any gun shop would probably stick a new front sight on the gun if you send them the slide.