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  1. It is only polite to introduce one's self to a community of strangers.

    I've owned a Glock 19 since 1996, it is a secondary concealed carry pistol for me. I alternate with an HK 45C USP. Both are nice, compact weapons,they both shoot well, and seem to be quite durable.

    I also own the beloved M1911A1, purchased in 1971 as my very first firearm. My most recent purchase was a Springfield Armory XD .45ACP (service). It shoots very well straight from the box and appears to have no issues.

    I won't discuss rifles, here, but I do own several. I'm hoping tp have many pleasant interactions herein and continue the learning process.

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  3. :welcome:

  4. :welcome: aboard!

    And hey, there's a place for rifle chat here too!
  5. Thanks. Have two AR15's and an HK91 (real, not clone). I'll wander on over there.
  6. Welcome to GT!!!
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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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