Frangible Bullet Load Data

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  1. Hey has anybody loaded the frangible bullets in 10mm yet and have any data? They publish data for all the calibers except for 10mm, they even have data for 38 super with the sinter-fire bullets! Sinter fire makes the 40 cal bullets in 105 and 125 grain.

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  2. At least for the 125 gr bullets, sHould be ok to start with upper middle loadings for 135 gr JHP data, I'd think....

  3. I really want data for the 40 cal 105 grain frangible bullet. They have data for it in .40 S&W @ close to 1500 fps, I'm thinking you could make that bullet scream at 1750 or so in the 10mm
  4. Are you talking about the Sinterfire lead free practice frangibles, or a defensive frangible?
  5. I'm talking about the sinterfire frangible bullets
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    While I don't disagree generally that using 135 data isn't horribly bad, you also must keep in mind seating depth, because that plays a role in pressures as well. If the 125gr sinterfires are the size of a 165gr (for example - I've not seen in person, let alone loaded sinterfires), they are going to seat a LOT deeper than the 135s, and that changes the pressure situation, even though they are lighter. So, take measurements of the sinterfires and compare to a standard-construction bullet, and take that into consideration.

    Also, one must consider construction. If they are a solid-composition bullet, like a Barnes X-bullet, they are going to increase pressure, because they won't yield as easily as a lead-core bullet.

    All-in-all, I'd probably use load data for whatever weight they take up the same space as. So, if they take up the space of a 155, I'd use that data; a 165, I'd use that data...
  7. Sinterfire recommends that you use data for a jacketed bullet of the same length.
    In 9mm and .38 Super I used 125 jacketed data for the 100 grain frangible. In .45acp I just used .230 ball data for the 155 frang.
    Velocities will be higher for the frangible of course. Faster powders seem to work better, probably because the bullets is out of the bore so quickly.

    Please post your results with the 10mm, I hope to try them soon.
    I buy mine from
    What about you?
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  8. Update, I called Sinterfire directly and had a long conversation with the tech. They used to make a 150 grain sinterfie frangible bullet (discontinued) and the only data they have is 7 grains of winchester 231 for 1225 FPS out of a 5 inc barrel, overall legenth of 1.26- this is with the 150 grain frangible. The tech told me to use 231 powder and work up to 7 grains and mabey a little higher with the 125 grain bullet. He said the 105 probably won't build enough pressure in the 10mm to get good velocity. He said you need to use a fast powder with the frangibles. I'm thinking of working my way to to like 7.5 grains of 231, I'll update when i get em ordered and work up that load.
  9. Ok Update (wow I see my last post on this issue is a year ago almost exact, wow). Well Sinterfire STILL has NO data for their bullets and the 10mm yet, so I did some testing with power pistol powder. I started at 9.8 grains and was getting about 1375 FPS and worked up to 10.4 grains and was getting around 1450 or so. Recoil was stout, cases showed no signs of overpressure. Oh this was in the 6 inch lone wolf barrel. Gun functioned fine and all, I am just dissapointed that it didn't hit up around 1600 FPS which is perfectly feasible in the 10mm with a 125 grainer AND the 6 inch barrel. For what its worth the case volume would not hold any more powder, it seemed like a compressed charge at 10.4
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    Try about 11.0 gr of 800-X. I got the 125gr Barnes bullets to 1460fps out of my 3.78" G29 barrel with 11.4gr. That load is compressed, but should do 1600-1700fps in your 6" barrel. The Barnes bullets are similar, as they are as long as a 180gr bullet. with 800-X, I bet you could go to 12.0gr or higher without pressure signs. I stopped at 11.4gr with very light case expansion because I ran out of bullets.

    Other powders to try would be Longshot and Power Pistol. I would start Longshot around 10gr and work up. I bet you could get to 13-14gr without issues. With Power Pistol, start around 9.5gr and go up. I bet you will have to stop around 12gr. All of this is with CCI 300s and a COAL of 1.26"
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  11. 21 Carrier, you are right on the money, the Sinterfire 125's are the exact same size as regular leaded 180's, so they must be the same as the Barnes bullets. Read the details in my last post- I did try Power Pistol up to 10.4 grains and it was compressed- now I'm fairly new to reloading so I how much can you compress a load?? FWIW Barnes lists this as a 111% compressed charge (10.4 power pistol with their 125 grain bullet, which is the same size).
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    Yeah, I tried that load, too. I actually went up to 11.0gr with Power Pistol, but saw no gains over 10.4gr, likely due to my G29's short barrel. I got 1300fps with PP (also got 1300fps with 8.6gr Unique). I got 1460fps with 11.4gr 800-X. That is compressed. You might be able to get more in the case, but I ran out of bullets at 11.4gr, so I'm not sure.

    I have a work up of Longshot ready to test (10.7-13.0gr) but I haven't fired them yet. I have a feeling Longshot will be the powder to use. I think 800-X WOULD be the best, but it's too bulky. I'm running out of space with the 13.0gr LS load, but I think it should beat the 11.4gr 800-X load's velocity.

    Until I get some hard numbers with the Longshot, I can tell you that 11.4gr of 800-X will DEFINITELY get you over 1600 fps with your 6" barrel. You might hit 1600fps with about 11.0gr. If you shoot the frangible bullets a lot, I think you should buy some Longshot and 800-X. They are by far the best two 10mm powders.

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    Oh yeah, about compressed loads, it all depends on the powder. Some powders can be heavily compressed (like 800-X) since they have large flakes and lots of air space mixed in. Powders like Power Pistol are likely to not compress as well. Just watch for bullet rebound in heavily compressed loads. If the charge is really compressed, it could push the bullet back out of the case. It can also cause the case to bulge. Finally, some powders may burn differently when compressed, so work up slowly and carefully if you don't know the powder. 800-X seemed to like being compressed. But I'm not sure about Longshot. As soon as I get to test the Longshot workup, I'll let you know how it went. I'm hoping to hit 1600fps with my G29. If I can get to even 1550fps, that load should make 1700fps or more with your barrel. Plus, your bullets are 20gr lighter, so that will add even more.
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  15. Aloxite, looks like a good buy on those frangibles, man I just wish someone would come out with some listed data for them and the 10mm!! For goodness sakes they even have data for frangibles and the less popular 38 super.

    21 Carrier- you got me tempted to try a pound of 800X. I've just mostly used blue dot thus far with 10mm because it has been performing so well for me, I clock high 1300's with 11 grain of blue dot and a 180 grainer (with 6 inch barrel of course), I think that's going to be tuf order for 800 to beat, we will see!
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    Oh, no. Trust me, 800-X will slaughter that number. I've gotten 180gr bullets to almost 1300fps out of my G29's stock 3.78" barrel. I've gotten 135gr Noslers to 1550fps, and 165gr bullets to about 1400fps. With a 6" barrel, I would think you could get the 180gr bullets to 1400fps with 800-X. I use a lot of Blue Dot as well, and actually use more of it because 800-X meters so poorly. But in my experience, nothing can beat 800-X for pure speed in 10mm, and that has held true with all bullet weights. Longshot is another good alternative, and probably the best all around 10mm powder. You can get almost as much velocity, but it meters well. If you like 10mm, and velocity, you owe it to yourself to buy a jug of 800-X (or both).
  17. Just done shooting the IMI 125 gr Frangibles out of my Glock 29 w/ KKM factory lenght results:

    800x 8.0 gr LPP = 1170 @ 1.260"

    Tite-group 6.0 gr LPP = 1225 @ 1.260

    Best shooting load was REX II 6.0 gr = 1145 @ 1.260 Very Very good shooting

    VERY nice shooting frang ammo at steel I went as close as 6 feet from the steel plate and then just barley felt a grain of sand on my leg with shorts. They just turn to dust, very nice!

    I place a piece of paper a few inches from the plate, and it caught the splatter, looked like a sand blaster!



    I shot a plate of regular soft steel and it dented it from a short distance, but the 135 gr Hydro Shock Damaged it pretty good at 40 yards!

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  18. Cheapest I can find other Frangible components for .400 is $140 a thousand plus shipping, you cant loose with this stuff, HIGHLY reccomend picking them up...

    That way I dont have to do all the load builing up work :)

    going to see how fast i can send them
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  19. Thanks for the R&D fella's.
  20. Speaking of R&D- If you all want to help please call Sinterfire and apply a little pressure for them to come up with some load data with their bullets in 10mm, I do about once every 6 months. They keep giving me the runaround, you know its not a mainstream round etc- but they developed data in .357 sig and even 38 super. If they get enough calls I bet they will develop data in our favorite auto pistol round

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