FPSRussia dead

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by ffr1910, Jan 9, 2013.

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    FPS russia isn't dead yet. Won't be long though with how his stunts keep getting stupider.

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  2. 50 cal

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    You aren't missing much. A kid with a fake Russian accent that has access to an Type 07 SOT. He takes the toys out and does a lot of stupid stuff.
    Eventually he will get himself at least seriously injured. His latest stunt had him shooting at a truck filled with tannerite from a distance of about 30-40 yds. The truck door came flying back at him so quickly he didn't even have time to flinch. He was very lucky he wasn't decapitated.

    He is a Darwin Award winner in waiting.

  3. If I'm not mistaken, all suicides are approached as homicide investigations at the beginning, just to rule out foul play. Even very obvious cases of suicide.
  4. Oh, darn, the story that is linked says that it looks like he was murdered. Very sad.
  5. He did get his camera man injured a couple of months ago. I agree. That recent truck video was just plain stupid on his part, and he is extremely lucky to not have been seriously injured. The sensationalism is what makes his channel so successful. If you look at his other channel, he actually has some decent instructional videos there, but those videos don’t make him the big bucks. He could be an asset to the gun community if he put some effort into it.
  6. J-Pat

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    I was a really big fan of Kyle (FPSRussia) and his youtube channel. I'm a young guy with only a little money- and I thought being able to see all that stuff was really neat. After the stunt with the truck- I decided his videos were no longer worth my time. What he did was stupid and irresponsible- and anybody that doesn't value their life obviously doesn't deserve my attention.

    TLDR - Nothing to see here folks.
  7. You guys are aware that a good chunk of his antics, the exploding truck as well, are fake, right?

    The truck was so fake I didn't even have to watch the video twice to know it.

    I am impressed with the level of gullibility some have.
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    I joined ar15.com in 2005 and only have 6 posts.

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