FPSRussia dead

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by ffr1910, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Thought his name was Kyle? :dunno:
  3. FPS Russia isn't dead.

    Keith Ratliff who managed the firearms side of the show was found dead in his office.
  4. Kyle = FPSRussia.
    Keith = FPSRussia's MANAGER

    Kyle (FPSRussia) is alive and well. Keith (his manager) is dead.

    I hope that this has helped clear up the confusion.
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    Self-inflicted, or foul play suspected?

    EDIT: really need to read the article before posting - suspected homicide....YIKES
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  6. "who helped operate FPSRussia firearms channel on YouTube"

    You knew it wasn't him who died, why make a misleading title?
  7. wasnt intentional, made a mistake, you probably have-bill
  8. another thing, until you have birthed me, you dont have a dog in the hunt to tell me "what I know". crystal? bill
  9. GTers,

    I did not intend to make a confusing post, I apologize, MODS please delete if necessary-Bill
  10. Just curious. You joined in '09 but only have 11 posts?

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  12. i read every day but obviously rarely post. dont own any glocks, sorry. just bought a sweet cz97 though, handload for it and it shoots like a dream-bill
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    I joined in '06 but only posted a handful of times before '09, it's not that uncommon.
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    No worries........some just want to bust your ballz, just for the sake
    of doing it. Most read what you wrote & understood.
  15. I actually am an A+P instructor by trade wrenchbender, what is you area of expertise?
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    They bust mine all the time, usually for being too opinionated:supergrin:

    You'll get used to it, don't worry.

  17. i thought it was a homicide investigation at this time
  18. Never heard of the channel:dunno:
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