Found an old Remington Rand (pic). Need Repair suggestions!

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by horge, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=-
    Lifetime Member

    I just found a parkerized-finish Remington Rand
    (no idea how old), among some rust-welded junk in
    an old house.


    I really want to get it back in proper working condition.
    If you know of anyone who really knows how to fix it up,
    preferably near the Quezon City area, please post here ASAP.
    AFAICT, there are no parts missing (maybe a few spring hook-
    bars), but half the keys are stuck, and there's probably a
    dead body wedged in there somewhere.


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  2. akala ko remington rand 1911!

    alam ko sa Raon merong nagaayos ng mga lumang typewriter

  3. gundog

    gundog senior gunner

    beautiful... ganda lagay sa house as antique display. neat!:thumbsup:
  4. nrmcolt

    nrmcolt What?

    Kandarapa ako buksan yung post mo ah:animlol:
  5. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Kala ko din 1911.:supergrin:

    Been eyeing an Underwood typewriter myself. Magandang i-display sa bahay.
  6. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=-
    Lifetime Member


    I'll try looking for a repair shop sa Raon.
    If anyone knows of a joint closer to QC, I'm all ears.

  7. kristiansen

    kristiansen Birdwatcher

    there is a repair shop near claret in q.c. but don't know if they can handle this.probably newer electric types dimasalang ave.,right side after dangwa trans. ,there are also typewriter repair shops but i really doubt if they can bring it back to life.goodluck anyways.
  8. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Nice find :thumbsup: Now all you have to do is get a matching Remington Rand 1911. :)

    There's a Singer 1911 right? Would also match with an antique Singer sewing machine. :supergrin:
  9. I know we have one somewhere in our old house, try to contact poodle and check with him. Last time I saw it nasa garahe.
  10. Match it with an Underwood Carbine which is quite rare. ;)

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