Found a USP Compact 9mm today

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by Libertarian71, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Most places out here are sold out. But I lucked into one. I've never owned an HK before, but am looking forward to it.

    I was deciding between the USP Compact and the P2000, both for 9mm. I could only buy one, because California has a "one new handgun per 30 days" rule. I decided to get the USP because the decocker mounted on the rear of the slide on the P2000 seemed weird to me.

    Just curious - do you prefer the USPs or the P2000s, and why? (I do not think new P30s are available for sale in California).

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  3. Congrats.

    I prefer the USP Compact slightly. USPs were my first two guns so I have a nostalgic spot in my heart for them. I also don't really care for the rattley right side slide lock lever on the P2000 (and the P30 as well) and I like that the USP can be carried cocked-and-locked and put on safe for loading and unloading and holstering.

    The P2000 has the backstrap system and a standard rail but those are minor points to me.

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  4. I bought the USP compact for the same reason as you. The decocker. I think its out of place on the P2000 Congrats and a great gun
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  5. I just picked up a uspc 9mm to replace my glock 19. Just got to the range saturday and put 100 flawless rounds through it. Great gun and it looks good beside my uspc 45.
  6. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil

    I prefer the USP Compacts. I like the slide release better. Ergos feel better to and work with my mitts better. I like the P2000 also. I may or may not have some of those too. :whistling:
  7. Congrats! on your HK.

  8. I went to the local range on Black Friday to pick up a G19, asked to see the P2000 LEM, as soon as I held it I was sold. Took it out about a month ago, 200 rounds without issue and very accurate. Love it with the exception a lighter wallet.

    No experience with the Compact 9 but im sure its a fine weapon also.
  9. We need a picture.
  10. Congrats, I prefer the USP Compact over the P-2000, I have both and what I dislike is the right side slide release on the P-2000 it makes a sound some times, both are great guns, enjoy your USP.
  11. I will put one up in due course. We have a ten day waiting period out here. I'll pick it up next week. It's an HK USP 9mm Compact, variant 1. I am really excited about getting an HK. I've always been a SIG Sauer and Glock guy, and have shot an HK once; can't wait to see what all the fuss is about.
  12. Congrats. Great gun. Of those two I pick the USP for the same reasons everyone else are saying.

    Plus Jack Bauer used one in 24. :)
  13. Congrats on a great pistol.

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