Fort Knox Pistol Box - Update on earlier review

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by ebm1973, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I did a review of the Fort Knox Pistol Box several years ago and really liked it for its size and especially, its mechanical simplex lock. I had given it two thumbs up, thinking it was an ideal way to keep a home defense pistol away from the kids but still be able to access a gun quickly should the need come.

    Well... 5 years later the simplex lock started acting up. It would take multiple attempts of the combination before opening, and recently it got to the point where it would fail to open 9 times out of 10. I ended up tossing the box into the garbage, and would not recommend it to anyone.

    As a replacement I bought a Gunvault biometric mvb500. It is lower profile, can still hold my G23 and an extra mag, and opens very fast.


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  2. I expect a follow-up review on the Gunvault in 5 years. Set an outlook reminder.

  3. FAS1

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    Fort Knox has a life time warranty. Even if they didn't, the lock can be replaced.

  4. I'll place a reminder in Outlook. ;)

    I probably could have shipped the box back to Fort Knox but I didn't want to deal with the hassle. I was also so fed up with it it felt good to toss it. It also opened my eyes on how mechanical locks are not nearly as reliable as everyone makes them out to be.

  5. hoghunter82

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    Damn, I remember that review as I was looking at the same item before I got my full size safe. Like the guy said above, I thought they offered a lifetime warranty?

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  6. Hoghunter, they do have a lifetime warranty. I probably should have shipped it back but getting rid of it was very therapeutic. I also wanted to try something different and am impressed with how quickly the gunvault opens. When seconds count, right...

  7. hoghunter82

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    I get it. I've thrown plenty of stuff away just to cleanse the soul. Like the P3AT I put in a bucket of water just to see how long it would take to disintegrate. It was so bad I could not bear to sell it to someone else and pass along the nightmare. It never really disintegrated but it felt good to watch it die.

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  8. I have the gun vault bio

    Well I have had two replaced and it still fails to open within 5 seconds and fails all together about 8 times out of 10. Tech support blames out dated batteries!! Even when they don't expire for 5 yrs

    I use it as a money safe at work and each time i open it i say

    I need my gun. I need my gun

    I have been killed 3,000 times

    It is even pluged into the wall. And nada

    Best luck guy!!
  9. :wow:
  10. Check back with us after you have used your gunvault for five years..........
  11. How is it working so far?

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