Forearm pain while Curling

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning' started by sappy13, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. For the longest time I have been getting a really bad pain in my forearm anytime I do any type of curl, barbell or dumbell. It feels like the pain is just resonating out of the bone. Has anyone experienced this before and know of a good fix for it? I can tolerate the pain if I have to, but id love to be able to curl without it. Its only with curls, no other exercise.

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  3. How often are you curling a week?
    Pain with barbells or dumbells or both?
    How many reps per set?
    How many reps before pain starts?
  4. California Jack

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    More importantly, why are you curling? Curling is a very inefficient exercise. Really, nothing more than a low priority accessory. I say give up curling and spend your time doing more productive exercises.
  5. Just 3 sets of 8-10 each. Probably starts to hurt after the 4rth or 5th in a set. I typically do barbell curls but im pretty sure iv experienced it with dumbbells as well. I just do curls as an extra quick thing to do before I leave the gym. Its not a main lift by any means.
  6. What part of the fore arm? Isolated to a small area or broader coverage

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  7. Most likely it is from trying to twists your wrists inward while curling and causing your forearm muscle to tense up and putting pressure on your bones. Try using dumbbells or an EZ curl bar. Flat bars cause me the same pain. And be careful to use only your biceps and not torquing your forearm. If you are going for mass, check out Jim Stoppani's program "shortcut to size". It was a game changer for me.
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    If that is the case, I say, stop curling?
  9. Do they hurt any other time? Have you varied your grip at all?
  10. Its only when curling. It is maybe midway down the arm, between the thickest part and when it startd to slender down.

    I think I may be twisting my wrists inward some. Ill have to check that out.

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  11. Look up ulna/ulnar pain from curls on the web. That's what it sounds like. I've had the same type of thing before and time is the only thing that really healed it. One of my symptoms was that once you release the grip it has a quick pain then immediately subsides...till your next set.

    As others have mentioned, I don't spend too much time on curls, just a few sets here and there.
  12. That is exactly how it is. I just looked it up and it seems like the consensus is that it is due to too much weight for forearms to handle, even though biceps can take it with ease. My forearms arent small, but they could use some size. Guess ill have to find some exercises to slowly build them up to where they can handle they weight I have been doing.

    With that said, what are yalls favorite forearm building exercises?
  13. Whoa! I thought you meant the national sport of Canada. My bad.
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    How would you get the idea anyone in this thread was discussing hockey or Lacrosse?
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    If you are curling at the squat rack the pain is caused by bad-vibes being shot at you by the folks what want to use the squat rack for squatting.
  16. LOL, Im def not that guy. There are a couple people at my gym that will do stuff like that though. Luckily a good bit of the people at the Y stay far away from the squat rack. They tend to prefer machines.

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