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Ford Ranger rough idle problem...

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by OhioLibertarian, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. OhioLibertarian

    OhioLibertarian Senior Member!?

    Was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on this problem.
    Got a 00 Ford Ranger that would stall when at idle if you turn the wheel hard or turn on the AC, etc.
    I have changed the following:
    New fuel filter
    Cleaned IACV

    That stopped the stalling, but it still idles really rough and sometimes sounds like its gonna stall....

    Also got brand new optima red top battery and new plugs and wires (had problem before plug change)....

  2. ecmills

    ecmills I shoot guns.

    Oct 8, 2004
    Memphis, TN
    Have you cleaned the actual throttle body? Hold the butterfly open, shoot carb cleaner in there, and scrub. Repeat until it's really clean. Carbon buildup around the rim of the throttle body just behind the blades blocks off incoming air, causing the engine to ingest less air than it should be for that throttle setting. (It will run like crap after this cleaning for a minute or two, due to all the carb cleaner in there. Let it idle until it smooths out.)

    Same thing goes for the MAF/Air-flow meter. Clean it.

    Does the vehicle have a tach? What RPM is it idling at? Is the MIL on? (check engine light)

  3. OhioLibertarian

    OhioLibertarian Senior Member!?

    No i have not done that.... I will try to do so this weekend.
    Just had the cruise control stuff replaced on recall...
    It idles any where from 900 to 1300 rpms....

    What do you recommend to use to clean the MAF?

    MIL is on intermittantly...
  4. g29andy

    g29andy CLM

    Jan 28, 2001
    Don't know specifically about 2000 Rangers, but check for a vacuum leak. All the hoses and hose ends where they connect.
  5. Ol' Dirty

    Ol' Dirty

    Jun 26, 2006
    Houston, Texas
    I drive an '02 3.0 Ranger with 146,000 on the clock. A couple months ago I had a similar problem and took it to the dealer for a checkup. Turns out it was a bad ignition coil. After $80 more dollars and about four minutes for installation it really straightened out.
  6. a_tack


    Apr 6, 2008
    Clean your throttle body, also check your idle control sensor. I had a 2000 2.5L ranger. Same problem. My throttle body was gummed up and it had a bad idle control sensor. Bad thing about that particular engine is that nothing is adjustable and it does not have VVT. As for the cleaning of the MAS.... use an alcohol/water solution and a Q-tip. be very very careful. but the alcohol/water will evaporate very quickly and is very effective as a cleaning agent.
  7. TexasNativeDRJH

    TexasNativeDRJH 5th Generation

    Apr 21, 2008
    San Jacinto Battleground
    Tap on the Mass Air Flow Sensor while it is running and see if it helps. You can try cleaning it by spraying it with carb cleaner, or buy another.

    Also check the 2 hoses going to the DPFE sensor, those are common as well as the actual DPFE sensor itself.
  8. ljnowell

    ljnowell beyond help

    May 17, 2008


    I would also still suspect the IAC, at least wouldnt rule it out. With a scan tool you can manipulate it and watch its feedback, but without it your really stuck on diagnosing it properly.
  9. 2000 Ford should have OBD2, have you took a reading? Does your model have a PS pressure switch since you state it stalls when turning wheels hard?

    What's your idle at with AC off ? on ? wheel cut hard left or right ?