For those that carry, are you making changes based on the Zimmerman case?

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  1. For those that carry, are you making changes based on the Zimmerman case? The intent of this thread is to discuss what can we learn from the case. To do this, you have to critique Zimmerman's actions. However just because you see something that could be done differently or better, it doesn't mean that I'm trying to say GZ was a horrible guy because he did a, b, or c wrong. This is the carry section...I am just trying to rationally discuss what we can learn from the facts that were presented in this case. It's always better to learn from someone elses mistakes.

    For me, I am hoping someone posts a link to an organization that's been mentioned before where they provide initial legal support if you are unfortunate enough to be in an incident. I cannot remember the name of the organization...sorry.

    I used to think that if I did nothing wrong, that I would openly cooperate throughout questioning without legal representation. I changed that opinion before this whole incident; however this case did reinforce my decision. I don't think the police are targeting people that carry. Clearly the testimony showed that wasn't the case with Zimmerman. However your statements can be used by others in the aftermath and you should have legal representation to ensure that you have a fair assessment.

    Another item that I've considered is increasing the frequency of carrying pepper spray. I'm fortunate that I'm not a 0.5 on a scale of 1-10 for fending off an attacker with my hands only. However, I do want to have as many non-lethal options are I can reasonably have for defending myself. I don't know whether that would have made a difference in the GZ case. Obviously once the attacker is on top, it was not an option. However maybe he could have used it as TM was initially approaching in an aggressive manner. Whether or not that's possible with GZ, the case did remind me to have more than just a hammer in the toolbox.

    So what are your thoughts? Any changes that you plan to make?

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  2. Okay, I found the organization that I was thinking of (cited above) - Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

    I've seen them posted in the past. I wonder if anyone has used their services or is familiar with the organization. If so, please post your experience / opinion of them.


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    i dont think it will change many peoples minds especially since he was found not guilty. But that is also in the state of Florida which is far more relaxed than a lot of states when it comes to this. But i think it clearly demonstrates that pointing a gun at someone or using it can have potentially very serious implications and that you need to really think before you do so. It is a serious thing to do and should not be taken lightly.
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    Deja Vu...

    Here's what I said there...

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    yeah if the mods had to merge all the similar threads that are posted they would be up 24/7:rofl:
  6. Why would I change how I carry because of him? I'm not an overly aggressive, cop-wannabe idiot. Except for when I was an LEO, I've never confronted anybody like he did in all my 65 years.
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    I still think Russ never sleeps :tbo:
  8. Nope. Not one change.

    If anything it validates all my training from Mas Ayoob, South Narc, Tom Givens, and others I have trained under. It validates my TKD, Krav Maga, and JKD training I've had under several grand masters. And it validates my idea of making self defense my avocation for over 35 years.

  9. No. Defense of my and my family's lives depend on how and what I carry. The circumstances under which I will defend myself and my family have not changed as a result of a single specific case. Statistically, a single event is inconsequential.

    I must do what I must do and accept the consequences of that action.
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    I know Marty and I've dealt with his organization. *Highly* recommended.
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    No change, I didn't do stupid things before and am not going to start now.
  12. Exactly.
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    You are such a lovable FNG...:animlol:...first in The OAF, now here in Carry Issues.:animlol:

    We have the same topic in different forums for a few reasons. One is that perspectives vary forum to forum. Another is that some members just do not like posting in say, Political Issues, or The Okie Corral, but frequent Carry Issues. This gives them the opportunity to voice their opinions here where they are more comfortable posting.

    Yeah, when there are duplicate topics here in CI, I will merge threads to consolidate the discussions. Right now the Zimmerman thing is in several different forums under several different thread topics.

    And all night? NFW...:supergrin:

    We now return to our irregularly scheduled discussion.:supergrin:
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  15. RussP


    I'm just kidding with you...:wavey:
  16. Thank you. I value your opinion highly.
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    Na i knew that dude no reason to edit your comments and stuff. i knew you were playing. I aint overly sensative and besides I really am the FNG:dunno::supergrin:
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    NO. And I mean NO
  19. nope, no change
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    For more than a decade on this forum I have always said that I am not a security force. I will not chase purse snatchers, stand between 2 fighting men or investigate odd happenings in dark alleys. I will ONLY use my firearm to defend my- life or the life of my family and I will not seek conflict. I will avoid conflict to the degree that I safely can and if I am forced to use a firearm I am willing to walk the hard road of a uncertain future. What happened to Zimmerman can happen to anyone in a SD shooting but it will not prevent me from protecting my life if something wicked this way comes.
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