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For or against open carry and why?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by WarEagle32, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. WarEagle32


    Mar 15, 2011
    Open carry is an issue gaining ground where I live! I personally prefer concealed carry. As for open carry I don't do it, but I am for the right to be able to. Thoughts?
  2. jakebrake

    jakebrake cracker

    Jan 11, 2011
    too close to philly

    you will freak out the soccermom and her kids.

    you will look like a tin-foil yahoo.

    perception becomes reality.

  3. DustyJacket

    DustyJacket Directiv 10-289

    Oct 16, 2008
    Missouri, East of KC
    do a search here on open carry and you will find years of arguements for and against
  4. dnuggett

    dnuggett PRO 2A

    Feb 28, 2005
    DFW TX
    Neither for or against open carry. I absolutely support the right, but would not open carry.
  5. Bob Hafler

    Bob Hafler

    Sep 13, 2011

    +1 I don't feel like I need to advertise that I carry.
  6. Bob Hafler

    Bob Hafler

    Sep 13, 2011
    With what has happened in Co. I don't think open carry is going to win over the hearts and minds of to many average citizens.
    Unless I'm in the woods I'm covered.
  7. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine

    Dec 21, 2002

    I wish Texas had OC.

    That's exactly why I want open carry.
    Get the idea across that good guys carry guns.

    Far too many gun owners are afraid to speak up for themselves. They hide like little children that are afraid to do something because people might not like them.

    Guess what, I couldn't give a damn because some left wing liberal anti gun turd doesn't like me carrying a gun.

    On the other hand I have gotten a lot of interest from people when they find out I am a "gun person" with a gun in my pocket.
    I even use my concealed carry license as identification.
    When was the last time you invited a Bank Teller, or a Wal Mart checker, or the receptionist at the Vets to go shooting with you?
    I have, and I suspect with OC we would meet a lot of people that we would turn to our side.

    So, if TX got OC I'd OC sometimes but not always.
  8. I open carry from time to time. If anyone ever "freaked out" about it, they didn't do when I was around. I've never been thrown to the ground by a cop. Never even had one ask me about it.

    I normally make at least a half hearted attempt to conceal, but I don't lose sleep over it.
  9. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    Jul 24, 2010
    The Northwoods
    If OC is the only way you can legally carry then go for it. If cc is an option there is no reason to OC. Just my .02

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  10. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    Jul 24, 2010
    The Northwoods
    I'm surprised tx isn't to be honest. Some reason I doubt there would be much of an uproar down here. By and large the general public is very comfortable around guns and the chl holders I've run across have been very level headed. I'm sure OC will pass in the next year or so.

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  11. RGbiker


    Oct 12, 2009
    OC for me, because In Arizona I can.
    In several years I've never been hassled by Police or Soccarmom.

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  12. 9jeeps


    May 22, 2004
    OC is for attention deficient ego monsters. I don't care what the law is. OC is just not common sense in the public arena unless you have a uniform badge to go along with it.

    Here in Cowboy and Indian country the only OC you see is from the Big City Touristos. They stand out like a red barn on a gravel road. The locals just roll their eyes and nod toward the Big City Standout.

    Same goes for psuedo Chopper Bad Boys:rofl:
  13. Highspeedlane

    Highspeedlane NRA Life Member

    Jan 25, 2008
    New England
    Not for me personally. If I'm packing I want no one else to know. The exception would be if you're hunting in the woods as either a primary or backup arm.
  14. 09crue


    Jul 27, 2009
    if open carry is legal and someone is comfortable doing so,why not...
  15. Brazos


    Apr 16, 2008
    I wish OC was legal in TX. CC is a pain. I would rather strap the pistol of my choosing to my hip. I think OC would make a big impact on reducing crime. A criminal would be much less likely to commit a crime when people are walking around with guns in sight.
  16. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Build the Wall


    Because sometimes it is difficult to carry a larger gun concealed like when I go to a third-world COUNTY (Miami-Dade:rofl:).

    I don't go there often, but when I do, I like to be well-armed.

    FL NEEDS OC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wavey:

  17. janice6

    janice6 Silver Member

    Apr 4, 2006
    I'm not against it. But, it's not for me. It takes away my tactical advantage of surprise with the BG's.

    It also covers my *ss if I display accidentally.
  18. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine

    Dec 21, 2002
    For sure.

    This time of year about all I can carry is a Ruger LCP in my pocket.
  19. Redstate


    May 17, 2011
    In my opinion, open carry is just asking for problems. The benefits of open carry, if any, are far outweighed by the the detriments.
  20. Chup


    Feb 11, 2008
    N. Ohio
    I don't care what anybody does. I will never open carry. I don't draw attention to myself. What I do is my business. I just blend in with every other old guy walking around. I feel if a bad guy or a group of bad guys is about to do something, the guy with a gun is a threat and will catch the first bullet so as not to get in the way. It may deter some but, a ruthless person or gang is not afraid and will eliminate anything that will get in there way. If you are standing at the Bank Teller window and Two Desperate Thugs come in and see a Guy with a Gun on his hip, who do you think will get the first bullet? Not just Joe Thief that is scared. I mean Guys that have no fear like Gang members. If you dress around your Gun you can carry a Full Size High Capacity Gun in high temperatures and humidity. I have carried 2 guns in Florida while wearing T-Shirt and Shorts. You do what you want.
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