For everyone who'd take a tazer over OC...

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by msu_grad_121, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    Yeah, like doing full contact DT without a redman suit.:rofl:

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  2. DaBigBR

    DaBigBR No Infidels!

    Man up and take it. Over 100,000 VOLUNTEERS have done so, plus all of the "less than voluntary" exposures.

  3. Panzergrenadier1979

    Panzergrenadier1979 Keystone Cop

    Make sure you have someone record the event (if you can) so you can have a lifetime of laughs at your own expense. My mother, to this day, refuses to watch my taser video. She says something about not being able to listen to her son scream. My wife, however, finds it hysterical. :whistling:
  4. PinkoCommie

    PinkoCommie Unusual Member

    I have no problem listening to you scream. Post it here ;)
  5. Panzergrenadier1979

    Panzergrenadier1979 Keystone Cop

    I'd have no problem doing just that...except it would violate department policy to publicly display any form of "training" on the internet.:steamed:

    Trust me, this battle has been fought and lost. :crying:
  6. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    I'll take the Taser. OC is the the gift that keeps on giving. :crying:
  7. Not everyone reacts the same to OC. I'm overly sensitive and refuse to even carry it on duty. It literally blinds me for close to 30 minutes.

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