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For all you Linux/Slackware users

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by SlammedDime, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. SlammedDime

    SlammedDime G23 Member

    Nov 6, 2004
    North Glendale, AZ
    *Disclaimer* - I'll start by saying that I am completely new to *nix systems, and I am very tired at the moment, so most of what I have learned over the course of the day may come out slurred. :)

    I recently got my Thinkpad R51. Love it, no problems, works wonderful. I also have this 160GB drive that i've made external with a Sabrent case. Instead of messing with my notebook hard drive, I figured I would just use this for linux.

    I want to be able to boot/mount this external drive on a Slackware 10.1 install. As it stands now, here is how my drive is setup:

    LILO in the MBR
    /dev/sda1 - /root
    /dev/sda5 - /swap
    /dev/sda6 - /usr
    /dev/sda7 - /opt
    /dev/sda8 - /home

    The notebook supports USB booting, and I have installed Slackware completely onto the drive, AND I can actually boot the drive, get the LILO prompt, and start Slackware. HOWEVER, Slackware fails to mount the root partition. I would assume because of the lack of usb support in the kernel.

    My question I pose to you, is how can a newbie such as myself compile a kernel that will allow Slackware to mount my external drive on startup. I have no floppy drive on the laptop, so I can't do a rescue boot. The Slackware 10.1 Disc 2 isn't bootable like its predecessors as a rescue disk. I know what I want can be done, I just need to know and learn how. I see this as a challenge, and something that will help me quickly learn the basics of compiling and customizing kernels.

    I suppose I could see if my desktop here supports USB booting, and use its floppy drive to do the rescue and do all the fun stuff, however I still don't know what I would do once I booted. I've searched the net for hours, and found lots of info, but it means pretty much nothing to me. LOL.

  2. HerrGlock

    HerrGlock Scouts Out CLM

    Dec 28, 2000
    Are you sure it's that you cannot boot from USB because you don't have the USB kernel modules loaded?

    Check and see if it's actually a filesystem that you don't have compiled in the kernel and have to load that module first. That is what happened to me many moons ago and about drove me nuts.

    Look in the LILO documentation. You'll find you can do a lot of switches, some of them will load kernel modules so you won't have to recompile if you have the USB driver as a module, just load the module within the LILO boot option for that kernel.

    Suggestion: Put /var as its own slice. If you ignore log files for a long time, they tend to fill up the partition they're on and if it's your / partition, weird and bad things happen.