Folks who claim to be, when they're not

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by wprebeck, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    I think im special, but i find out everyday im not. but i can still think it cant i?

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  2. I'll take your prior, and raise you the Odyssey...


  3. They are on my State's accident form, the State arrest disposition form, our booking forms, and the like. Pretty common for us, though I can barely recall the Fed one I used to know.

    The more an agency is automated, I would suspect that it would be needed less. Feds use it less than State or locals do.
  4. CLoft239

    CLoft239 I Like Turtles

    Same here, including each individual citation in our citation books.

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  5. If you think ORIs are top secret and that the only place a person can get an ORI is from a fingerprint card or NCIC then you're pretty naive and/or inexperienced. Think again. Do the web search for "ORI" and "law enforcement". You find agency webpages where they list their ORI. You'll find informational websites where ORIs are listed. But the listing is open to anyone with a computer at the National Archives of Criminal Justice Data. Any kid with a computer can come up with an ORI and the agency name.
    Do you want to pass yourself off as a LEO from PA and someone asks for your ORI to verify you're legit? What PA dept do you want to be from? Pick any of them.
    Don't know anything about PA but want to look lke you're from KS?
    Or you claim you're a LEO from TX and you can prove it because you know your dept's ORI?

    Any other town, county, state, or agency you want to use an ORI as "proof" you're legit? They're all listed here.

    Police-L has been around since 1994 or a bit earlier. LEO verification is required and the list owner contacts the person's agency to verify employment before access is granted. Even with that a phony was recently outted. He had written articles for various LEO type publications and pulled the scam on a number of agencies. Wrote articles for NLEOMF. He had passed himself of as a LEO from Dearborn MI and Inkster MI. Got caught in FL passing himself off as a LEO wearing the MI uniform and people started investigating. Total phony that fooled a lot of people but he eventually got caught.
    A phony wearing a uniform and badge that he made himself.
    He tried scamming a fundraiser:
    Here's what he looks like without his phony police uniform but wearing jail clothing.
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  6. I wasn't impressed...honestly, the majority of the place looks like turd central. I've come to the conclusion it's not worth it, too many idiots.
  7. RussP


    Ya know, maybe there should be something like Rush does on Fridays, "Open Topic Friday on Cop Talk", say from 0900 to 2100. Invite all the GNGers in to talk about their favorite LE topics, and, as long as they stay within perhaps a more liberal interpretation of GT Rules, there would be a free exchange of ideas.

  8. I was pretty sure I knew what ours was, we used to have to put it on the family violence sheets, maybe we still do, but, its been years since I filled one out. But, seeing the number, it looks familiar. :)
  9. Wow, I'm surprised ORI's aren't kept quite as confidential as I thought. I just searched and found an excel spreadsheet with all of them for AZ. The few I know off the top of my head are correct. Still, most of the time, people won't know wtf an ori is.

    Is this the same guy that claimed to be an MMA fighter about a year back? I searched, but it looks like the GT database got dumped at some point. He's got one post about how he trains with some photoshopped looking pics of "himself" in one thread. He also identifies himself as a leo back in March in a thread about the most overpaid professions.
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  10. They've been freely available on the internet to anyone who can do a simple websearch. The National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (National Institute of Justice) has had the list on the internet for years.
  11. Dragoon44

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    Yeah cuz were so open minded and all.

  12. Can I go to the women's forum and post misogynistic rants?
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  13. I have unilaterally decided that all Fed, State, County, and local LE retirees should use the Canal Zone ORI as proof of affiliation.

    Like the Canal Zone, we too no longer exist.

    GRIMLET Deceased

    Yes, thats him. Its sad. He seemed like a nice enough guy.

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  15. steveksux

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    And...... there goes the neighborhood... :supergrin:

  16. Dragoon44

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    How much worse can it get after you showed up?

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  17. Morris


    Popcorn popped . . . . just waiting for the screen name. :)
  18. Sharky7

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  19. Al Czervik

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    Just following these epically linked threads. And, BTW, someone had to mention "road officers."
  20. collim1

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    Our ORI is on the defendant copy of every citation we issue. Its also at the top of the page of every offense report, traffic crash report, and arrest report. All public information.

    Our ORI used to the security code to get into the jail. Never thought that was real safe, and they changed it several years back.

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