Folks who claim to be, when they're not

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by wprebeck, Nov 13, 2012.

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    He laid out a trail to hunting dogs...What does he expect.

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  2. steveksux

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    How about the Hothouse at Beerford?


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  4. steveksux

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    posted using Outdoor Hub CampfireI've spent time in the engine room of a Russian warship and even I couldn't tell you that....


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  5. Some people are psychologically unbalanced. We have had more than our share here. They claim to be what they are not, they claim to have smoking hot wives, they want to be what they aren't in their lives.

    This forum has a very specific purpose - for cops to socialize about work related issues and for others to ask polite questions about policing and professional procedures.

    If one goes to most professional forums, they generally have no problems answering forum specific questions about auto mechanics, physics, policing, nursing, teaching, etc., but if one goes on and starts whinging about the profession at large, claiming to be what ever profession the forum is about, and then being unable to answer specific questions about one's claimed involvement in that career path - along with posting contradictory 'facts' and in some cases - outright falsehoods... well, what would you expect? We deal professionally with liars our entire careers and most here don't care to deal with them on our own time.

    No one in this forum has banned anyone and Eric is loathe to do it. Even the mods tend to quietly counsel members instead of 'blowing up' members. The simple course of action is for the poseur to shut up and be quiet for a while or visit other forums here. Many of us don't visit other forums here because of the vitriol some express to law enforcement.

    It's really that simple.

  6. Getting a warship into Kazakhstan would be quite a feat! :supergrin:
  7. Oh no it isn't! :shame:

    It's mirrored...:tongueout:
  8. Mayhem like Me

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    I was smiling reaaaaaaaallllllly big:supergrin:
  9. After you left? :dunno:
  10. Mayhem like Me

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    After I saw the light
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  11. d'oh!
  12. steveksux

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    There's just something irresistable about a ritual stoning of a poser....

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  13. IMO this thread has ran it's course, and then become a lynch mob.
    Obviously the targeted individual has mental issues.
    He was on the ropes, KO'd long ago, and is still being taunted.
    This is not professional behavior.
  14. I thought it was on Bedford? :whistling:

    GRIMLET Deceased

    I would say not. I had taken devils advocate on this after he showed and attempted to defend himself.
    If he has the creds, its past time to get them verified through Eric. Now his (supposed) MMA
    career is being laid out to be a sham.

    Because he decided to show here and face the onslaught of poser/wackerdom its on HIM.

    It appears his levels of deception are deep. Too add on the topic of riding the coat tails of LODD in attempt to say he is a cop, leo or whatever is shady. If he isn't po-lice, then its UNFORGIVABLE.

    Mental issues be damned, the truth is the truth and let it be heard.

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  16. Your position is quite clear to me now.

    GRIMLET Deceased

    I never had a position. I had several GT conversations with Tantrix before. I was waiting for him to end the thread several pages ago.
    I rarely take things at face value and try to see what I am missing. Sometimes I am not missing anything.

    Tantrix has pmd me. I gave him my name, badge and dept. if he returns the trust, I will verify through his dept to include a patch-through from disparch.
    I will NOT divulge his personal information here. That is a promise.

    Tantrix, its your move.

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  18. RussP


    The part in bold, that is good.

    Thank you...
  19. What is a patch-through from dispatch?:eyebrow:

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