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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by tokarevsvt, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Mounted in the pic on one of our shop guns - but the idea is the same. KEG12folding grip for the Remington MCS - customers asked for it.
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  3. Not a good idea to put a vertical forgrip on a pump, but hey customers don't always listen.

    Perfect shooters like those Trap and Skeet Champs rack the weapon straight back. The rest of us all tend to torque the forend. When you put a vertical forend on a pump this acts as a lever and causes over-torque of the action bars. Soon they start binding and the guy can't figure out why his pump is not as smoth as it once was. I can always tell when one of these tacti-fool things have been on an 870. When I remove the forend tube assembly and look one action bar with be twisted in and pointing down and the other twisted out and pointing up. No wonder they are binding in the action. You can also look at the wear on the mag tube and see dominant wear on one side of the tube.

    The above issue would not be as predominant on the MCS due to the shorter stroke and much depends on the shooter. However guys want to put mess like this on their other weapons and can plan on replaceing the forend tube assembly every few years, of course depending on how much they shoot and how much they torque the forend. I simply refuse to use them so the client can do what he wants after he gets the weapon from me. I also void the warranty for any damage one of these things does.

    Now someone will post in how they have had a vertical forend on their 870 for 20 years and no such damage has occured. To them I say, "Cool beans" you are a great shotgunner and rack straight back. Me, I am very human and tend to torque and would rather not have anything on my weapon that causes damage.

  4. Hmmmm if this was such a great concern way does Remington sell 870's with vertical grips? I use this model when we shorten them into our KEG12's. Want to buy a pile of takeoff Tac-Star vertical foregrips?
  5. They Don't, however, they did a special dealers run on some Express models with a Vertical forend. the LE Instructors were asked about this since they describe the damage these things cause. The answer was "The don't ask the LE Training Division for input". It was a very limited run simply because it did not sell well.

    I take it from your post you are in the business and must have seen this damage I described. Most of the guys that set up tactical shotguns don't really shoot them much and it will take a well used weapon for the damage to appear. Next time you get one in that looks well used and has a vertical forend on it, rack the thing a couple times and I bet you will notice how stiff it is. Then remove the forend tube assembly and hold it up to your eyes and look at the action bars. It will make you cry if you love a pump shotgun.
  6. I suppose, in an AOW configuration, it couldbe useful (excet for the torquing) although I took mine off of my AOW because I didn't like how it felt. In any other configuration, I have hated any sort of a vertical grip on a shotgun. It slows down the racking and fro some reason aren't too comfortable.

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