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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by donmor53, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. I have a chance to buy an bi-tone FNX-9 with less than 500 rounds through it for $400 OTD. Comes with the 3 mags, grip adapters, case...the whole package.

    Anyone had any experience or have any input on the 9mm hammer FNs?

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  3. Not a bad price. Not a great price either. They're good guns, though. I wouldn't have a problem owning one.

  4. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Not a great price. These guns are pretty cheap brand new.

    I don't have the FNX9, but I do have the FNX45Tactical. I have yet to be impressed by the trigger pull of the FNX9. I specifically chose the FNP9 over the FNX9 because of the heavy, gritty trigger pulls of the FNX9. The FNX45Tactical easily has the best trigger on a plastic phantastic. Outside of the Steyr, that is.
  5. For that price, I'd sooner just get a new model for a few bucks more.
  6. good feeling guns but I could careless for the long trigger pull.
  7. I got a new FNX40 for $450, not OTD about four - five years ago. $400 OTD is pretty good for an FNX you KNOW has 500 rds. max through it.

    Remember it was built on the 40. The 9mm has the slide lightened up a bit. Still a great pistol. The G4 Glock's were built around the 40 so make your own conclusions about a 9mm built around a 40 (G4 9mm Glocks come to mind).

    Mags are great. Very strong mag springs and the 9mm's hold 17+1 I believe. The 40's are 14+1. So you get a 4" tube that holds what a 4.5" Glock 9mm holds. Awsome grip angle IMO, better than Glock for me.

    Mags are more expensive. I'd probably buy it if I shot 9mm considering they are $600 - $650 OTD new now. Glad I bought mine when I did. One of my favorites, it's always at my side at home and in the truck. There are better IWB pistols for me, though a SA/DA with safety works w/o holster on the nightstand very well.

    Get it, sell it for what you paid if you don't like it.
  8. r3dot

    Had one. Loved the ergos. The sights were more of a combat style, point and shoot, which worked well. Try and shoot it like a Glock, and I was way off.

    Can't remember the trigger being an issue. I thought it was overall a really nice gun for the price.

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  9. Forgot to say: I love the sights. A slightly larger white dot on the front so they look similar at "combat" distance shooting sight(alignment) and speed. Way better than Glock and all steel. Also three mags, four backstraps and a standard rifled barrel. Thing is a beast and comes in a nice case also. I like them, can you tell?
  10. Kalmah

    Kalmah Supreme Member

    New ones are running $550 and up. Only you can decide if $400 is a good deal for you.

    I really like mine. Feels better in my hand than my G19.
  11. Have you fired yours with a suppressor on it yet? Mine has the RMR Trijicon, and the range let me try an Osprey on it a couple of days ago. I am totally sold! You can do surgery with that setup.
  12. I like my FNX-9 and traded a G-19 for it. The prices here are still steep and going for $575.00 and up. I really prefer the DA/SA, decocker and that you can turn the safe on or off no matter what state the pistol is in. In DA it does have a very long trigger pull but in SA it's nice.
  13. $400 OTD is a good price. I like the ergos better than the Glock. Even having smaller hands, the frame fits me well. Like stated above, the FNX 45 is awesome with a RMR and an Osprey mounted to it. The FN pistols are just plain nice to shoot. I say give it a go and if you happen not to like it, you can always turn around and resell without any loss.
  14. Ohhh well...I bought it. Now let's see how it works out.
  15. I have a FNP-40 and would not mind getting another FN one day.
  16. I have the fnx-45 and love it...im sure the .40 will be a great gun too:wavey:

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