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  1. Hey guys, new around here and new to Glock. I just picked up my first Glock last week, a FDE 19 gen 3. I started out as a hater, and said I'd never buy one and that I hated them(mostly because I was ill informed). I started reading and watching more and more, and then I started to drink the kool-aid. I am in love with my new g19, and am pretty sure that at this point my CZ P-01 will never get carried again. I also just put some xs big dots on it yesterday, and hit the range today to try them out. Anyways, I look forward to hanging out here with the cool kids :wavey:

    This thread won't be complete w out pics

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  3. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome!
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    Welcome to GT.
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    :welcome: Enjoy GT....................
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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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