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  1. Hi all got the FNG from some movie but anyhow, been a Sig pistol and Larue rifle , Rifle Dynamics AK47 ,and Krebs AK74 owner for years . Recently picked up a new Glock Gen 3 G26 so now I am here to learn from the Glock dudes !! Been at AR-15 for years but looking to learn more about the G product!!!
    I am a married devoted family man with 2 kids 7&9 both girls ,student of guitar of 3 years ,ex before kids Triathalete,mountainbiker,roadbiker,Bowhunter, Blue snowboader double black diamond skiier, former boyscout and general do gooder!!!!
    My Mother always told me " If you have not got something good to say don't say anything at all ". I brake that rule all the time but my Beautifull wife tries to bridle me in !! I love her to death ! I married well beyond myself!

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  4. Welcome from south Florida!!
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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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