fn p12?

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by Diesel McBadass, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Diesel McBadass

    Diesel McBadass Tactically Epic

    Saw this on their site. Seems cool. Easy to mount an optic, and it has interchangable chokes, hard to find on a tactical pump shotgun. Havent seen much on it at all though, opinions?

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  2. It's a dolled up Winchester 1300. :whistling:

  3. Diesel McBadass

    Diesel McBadass Tactically Epic

    and thats a bad thing?

    1300s are rare around me and there never in a defensive gun style
  4. MarkCO

    Millennium Member CLM

    The Winchester SXP and the FNH P12 are modernized Win 1300s. They have great potential. I have been playing with both to do some T&E and my own P12 is on the way to me this week.
  5. MarkCO

    Millennium Member CLM

    So I have had my FNHP12 (no mods) out to the range for a real shake-down today. A few drills, 4.2 seconds for 8 slugs on a 12" plate at 45 yards bested the 870 and 590 by well over a second and was 0.8 seconds behind the Versa-Max.

    I ran everything from Aguila Mini slugs to Magnum 3" slugs, buck and birdshot. It ate everything, loads like a dream and was exceptionally accurate. The texture on the furniture is aggressive enough that you won't run the risk of slipping the grip. Very comfortable with breaching chores as well. Might have to put the 870 back into Goose trim and sell the 590. The Winchester SXP loses the tac rail, rifle sights, screw-in chokes, and does not have the grippy furniture, but it is about $180 less. This will make a great Turkey gun (comes with a 3 round plug) HD, and slug hunting. I am very happy with it.

    Capacity stock: 8+1 minishells, 5+1 2 3/4" shells, 4+1 3" shells. 1 and 2 shot extensions are available if one wanted.
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  6. Thanks for the feedback on the gun. Who makes 1 and 2 shot extensions for this gun?

    Presumably Winchester 1300 extensions work? Googling around I found a +2 from Tacstar, but no +1? Nordic said they didn't have one.

  7. MarkCO

    Millennium Member CLM

    Winchester 1200/1300 extensions fit the SXP and the P12.
  8. Diesel McBadass

    Diesel McBadass Tactically Epic

    seems this and a trs 25 would be the ticket

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