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FMJ reload or factory

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by jimbullet, May 31, 2006.

  1. Which is most cost efficient, to simply buy FMJ factory ammo, which like P16 to P17 each in the market or have one reloaded? Where is it best to buy FMJ heads?
  2. vega


    Sep 29, 2001
    That's no brainer, of course it is cost efficient to have one reloaded. P17 compared to P8. Maybe I jumped too soon, you might be a newbie and doesn't know yet how much it cost to reload.

  3. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=- Lifetime Member

    Jan 22, 2004
    almost home
    Cost-wise, sure.

    Still, I truly HATE it when a reload isn't properly crimped.
    Chambering pa lang, you might get varying degrees of setback,
    and I think this alters the case pressure from round to round.
    (Of course, if the charging was erratic, it may all even out, hehe :clown: )

    Not a biggie at shorter distances, pero further out, the variation
    in recoil (and especially trajectory) can wreak havoc on your
    grouping kapag rapid fire. Not so with good factory.

    But hey, even local 'factory' ammo (non-Armscor) has its problems.
    Hahn and PBD's Bullseye could use more-robust collet-crimping.
    Less so with ammo from Twin Pines (Silver Bullets, HEAT, etc.).
    Admittedly, Armscor has had serious QC issues with bullet weight.

  4. If you talk of cost per round:

    3 gunstore reloads = 1 factory ammo

    4 or even 5 roll your own reloads = 1 factory ammo
  5. I might have not been too clear, reload lead bullets are of course cheaper, but then Im not planning to have my g26 go on a lead diet but rather FMJ heads at the least. Factory cheapest FMJ now for a 9mm I believe is about P17 each. Has anyone reloaded FMJ heads? Hornady FMj heads cost something like P14 each per my last canvass, plus all other components, its like reaching P16.25, ergo I save a lot of trouble just buying factory ammo? Unless of course you guys could please help me where could I get cheap FMJ heads around here?
  6. Its P8 per round of FMJ reload? Pards, can you tell me where to get that?
  7. magister


    May 8, 2006
    armscor indoor range in makati charges Php 8 (may have gone up a bit. am not sure.) for fmj reloads whether you provide the casing or not. go figure. the armscor range in marikina charges Php 6.10 for fmj reloads assuming you bring your own brass.

    if you don't like reloads, you may want to try their range ammo. not sure about prices but somewhere between reload and factory ammo yan. :)
  8. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Oct 1, 2002
    Following are the stores you can try to contact for FMJ reloads:

    1. PB Dionisio - Sellior&Bellot FMJ heads reloaded with Vihtavuori powder. No residue, even cleaner than factory. Cost is P7.50 per reload you provide the brass.

    2. True Weight - TMJ heads reloaded with Vectan powder. Also a clean burning powder. The TMJ heads are also covered at the base of the bullet so it's safest for your barrel and for the shooter's health. Sorry I don't know the price, just call their store.

    3. Armscor - FMJ heads reloaded with OBP powder. Dirty powder and inconsistent bullet weight as what horge has mentioned. Seems like they are using factory defects for reloads. Advantage is they offer the cheapest reloads.

    4. Stronghand - Hornady FMJ reloaded with Vihtavuori powder. More expensive.
  9. I had very serious lock ups on my glock when I used their ammo in Mkti Cinema Square. I noticed that their brass has buldges, which is ordinary for brass that has been reloaded for dozens of times but my pistol will not go back in full battery at times and locks up the firearm. I was advised to use my own brass. Anyway, will inquire with them if I can have my own brass loaded instead of swapping with their own brass. Thanks
  10. Yes, you can bring your own shells and have them reloaded by Armscor, either in Marikina or MCS.

    What I usually do is to leave my shells with them after a firing session and when I go back two-three weeks later, the shells have been reloaded and ready for another session.
  11. Thanks to you Batangueno, Got to reload a couple of hundred rounds from True weight. At least its cheaper than factory to shoot now. Im planning to try to have them reload the socalled competition load of true weight coz the standard load that they (True weight) loaded for me on the TMJ heads wasnt really doing justice for my glock as I could not tighten its groupings for some reason. Im beginning to think my pistol has ammo appetite problems since I have encountered the same thing with PBDionisio's bullseye ammo. As for Armscor factory ammo and the UMC brand, they have performed within expectations of at least staying in the alpha even on head shots at acceptable distances.

    Would you guys say that if I replaced the factory barrel with a barsto, can a glock become tackers? I mean as accurate as a perfectly tuned 1911 pistol, which could drive shot after shot at the same hole it made on its first shot? Im still kinda novice with glocks as my mileage is still at about 500 rds against my 1911 experience.
  12. cebuboy

    cebuboy toy soldier

    Apr 27, 2004
    the stock glock barrel is accurate enough than most shooters:) with practice, you can hit bowling pins at 25m with regularity.
  13. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    Be wary of stores that reload, though. Some might just say that "okay, we'll take your brass and give you reloaded ammo so you don't have to come back for it." Refuse this offer and just let them reload your brass.

    I did try using "teflon" coated reloads on my Glocks and never had issues with them.

    Fellow BOGs, how would you rate Twin Pines' FMJ reloads. They've changed powders a couple of times when I was there and there was a time when the manager of their Bacolod branch didn't listen to my suggestions about reloads.

    She wanted to use the same amount of powder for both lead and FMJ on my .45 ACP reloads which I found disturbing. There is a certain percentage that you reduce the powder when using lead bullets. If there are BOGs that know of the percentage, please provide us with that figure.

    I wanted to reduce the powder on my lead reloads, but I was bluntly told that if you want a custom load, take your shells somewhere else.
  14. definitely disturbing - FMJ and lead slugs should have different powder charge for any caliber.

    Will take note of that swapping of shells, I too dont want that coz some shells buldge and wont fit my chamber.

    Is there no worries in using teflon coated ammo? If there is none, its cheaper than the TMJ, FMJs. How much teflon coated ammo have you gone thru your glock? Have you noticed any lead or teflon residue left inside the barrel after shooting it?
  15. MR_BIG


    Nov 16, 2005
    no problems yet with teflon, switched becoz of price, 6-6.50 sa true-power and practical shooter supply, if you shoot 2-300 rds a week, thats a lot of savings.
  16. Will give it a try. I used to shoot 200 rds per session but trimmed it down to 50 due to cost of FMJs
  17. HEAVY

    HEAVY "Verify!"

    May 31, 2006
    P7.50 per reload sa twin pines mcs.

    fmj's, bring your own brass.

    take 2 weeks though.
  18. atmarcella


    Aug 27, 2004
    the only reason you should change barrels is if you want to shoot lead, now if you want to improve accuracy you could try TR grahams "slide lock", click this:

    but, if you ask me... learn trigger control;)
  19. atmarcella


    Aug 27, 2004
    no problem w/ teflon, my stock glock barrel went thru 5k rounds of teflon w/o problems, just clean w/ hoppes and brass brush every 500 or so rounds;)
  20. MR_BIG


    Nov 16, 2005
    mine does only 300, linis na agad.