Floridian Retires from Active Duty; to buy first Glock

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by samsound, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Good morning. So, I've recently retired from 20 years of active duty USAF, and I'm about to purchase my first personally owned handgun. After shooting a couple of Glocks at my local range here in Navarre/Gulf Breeze, I've decided on a G23 gen4. My safe will arrive tomorrow, and I'm heading to Jimmy's to see about a Blue Label purchase. I've already put together my range and cleaning kit, and I ordered 500 rounds of FMJ to hit the range with. Just need to get the G23 and some JHPs, and I'll be pretty much all set.
    After shooting the Beretta 92 the last 20 years, I found the Glocks to be a refreshing change. I'll be teaching my wife to handle a firearm for the first time, so that should be a lot of fun. Instruction is what I do for a living these days, so I'm confident I'll have her operating it safely and effectively in no time. Thanks for listening :)

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  3. welcome

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    sounds like a good start to a great plan. and an excellent choice with the 23.

    slap a hogue grip on that thing and you won't want to let go of it...
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  6. Welcome from Missouri.....

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    Welcome aboard.
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  10. Welcome! SF? CATM?
  11. Negative, Crazy Asian AC-130 Gunship crewman. The .40 is a small step down, but they don't make a practical holster for a 105.
    Thanks for the welcome guys. I paid for my G23 today, and pick it up on Thurs. It was nice dry firing it. The one I shot previously was a rental gun, so probably a little on the loose side. Trigger was nice and crisp, and 5.5 lbs pull felt light enough to me. I may stick with the stock connector after all.
    Time to head home and wall mount my safe!
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    Welcome thanks for your service.
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    :welcome: Enjoy GT....................
  14. And safe is installed, backup keys hidden. Clear lens for my ESS glasses came in today (can't believe I lost the orig), pickup my G23 Thurs, and 500 rds FMJ due in on Fri. I may actually make it to the range this weekend!
  15. Congrats, the 23 is a great firearm!
  16. Thanks. Picked it up yesterday and spent some time last night practicing manipulations and getting comfortable with it. Also gave it an initial cleaninig, and wore it around the house a bit (empty) in an IWB. I'm undecided if I want to get a CWL. I still work on base, so much of the time I won't be able to carry anyway, and not sure how I feel about having a hunk of plastic and metal poking me. On the other hand, there is still much value in having it available for a road trip or heading to an unfamiliar city.

  17. I would respectfully encourage you to get your CC license and carry wherever and whenever possible. If the time comes that you need it to protect you or your family's life and it is sitting in the safe at home, you will regret not having it poking you.

    Thank you for your service to our country and welcome.
  18. Welcome to GT.

  19. I was definitely leaning that way. After adjusting the cant, drop, and placement of this holster and wearing it around the house for a few days now, it's very doable. I'll probably call this week to schedule a licensing appt.

    I made it to the range this morning. I ran a few PMC hollowpoints through the virgin barrel, then switched to my range ammo. Shot 100 rounds of FMJ reloads I picked up from LAX Ammo. The 23 shot great. No issues whatsoever. No brass to the face. No issues with the ammo either, so far.
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