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Florida Hunters?

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by PACKIN' PLASTIC, May 15, 2002.


    PACKIN' PLASTIC 4,500+ posts

    Jul 18, 2001
    Cloud Nine
    If you have experience hunting in Florida (esp. Central), please tell me about it.

    I’m interested in hunting opportunities, and especially where to hunt the fallowing:

    Other birds.

    Thanks for your help,

  2. GlockM23


    Apr 23, 2002
    Ditto for south florida, I'm looking for spots to go for pigs and turkies. Oh, and rabbits if there are any out here.


    PACKIN' PLASTIC 4,500+ posts

    Jul 18, 2001
    Cloud Nine
  4. one time of getting permission just by asking is gone!

    After living in flordia for a year in 2001 I have hunted there 3 times in a year, and that was just for pigs...and I had to pay the land owner 50.00 bucks ever time I went...deer..might as well forget about deer and turkeys, there the grand poobaa of animals there. There are a few wildlife areas there but you have to get drawed for a tag there.

    Its more of a hassle there then what its suggestion would to be take up scuba diving and dive on the cost side of Flordia...stay out of the visablity.

    If I can help you out more, just ask I will try to remember to check in here!
  5. Skofnung

    Skofnung Grimmbeorn

    Jan 7, 2002
    I do not think that the hunting is too great in central or south Florida. Fishing yes, hunting no.

    If you want to hunt, drive a little further north and hunt in the Northern Florida areas. I hunt in the Apalachicola Natl. Forest most of the time. You might find it easier to try the Osceola Natl. Forest which is between Jacksonville and the town of Live Oak.

    I hunt mostly squirrel and hogs, though I do enjoy dove hunting on occasion. Up here these animals are very plentiful. Deer are also all over the place, but that just aint my bag baby.

    I have access to private hunting land all over Leon and the surrounding counties, but I find that the National Forest is not in any way lacking. Find a National Forest near you and go hiking in the off season. Scope it out for sign of what you want to hunt, then go for it when the season comes around. Good luck.
  6. Guest

    I dive pretty much year round in the Gulf of Mexico, vis isn't always the best, but it has some of the best spearfishing in Florida.

    I dive the East coast quite a bit and also the Marquesas
  7. Mild Bill

    Mild Bill Millennium Member

    Oct 18, 1999
    Tampa, Florida
    The Avon Park bombing range will get ya some hogs...
    We encountered some successful hunters while there collecting some tropical fish in the creeks and ponds...
    Here's a pic...
  8. Go with Osceola, It is a great place and free, but you need to follow the regs for the district... no rifle hunting hogs unless its rifle season... etc etc. I have hunted there often, lots of deer, small (80-120#s) but thwe cover is REAL dense. Lots of Palmettos... if never experienced them then prepare. Snakes are likely encountered, although rarely a problem. I would suggest getting a portable tree stand then hunting a small primary watering source... small stream etc. ZThese are the best ways unless you want to run dogs.. (i think it unethical). Anyways email me if I can help you out. I also can tell you a range right becide the state park.

    PS I was wondering if you were the Pictured as well. Feel lucky, shes very pretty.