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First 'Yote ...Trouble with Deer Hunter

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by BrianDamage, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. BrianDamage

    BrianDamage YouTalkin'ToMe?

    Jul 16, 2000
    Hartselle, AL
    a friend of mine has been talking about trouble he is having with 'yotes on his vacant land next to his mother's land. He's had no luck calling them in with a mouth call.

    I got off of work a little early and decided to head over there. He had a ground blind set up on a fence row. I walked out there and set my Fx-3 out about 30 yards ahead of the blind in the grass. The fence was about 60 yards away from the blind.

    I settled in and turned on some rabbit squeals. Looked at my watch,it was 3:50. No sooner did I raise my binolculars up to glass, did I see a black object come out of the trees. She tried circleling downwind of the call, and I let here have it with my Ar-15. < My first 'yote ..... Looked at my watch, it was 3:52

    My friend showed up a minte late and we decided to move to his sister's land in the adjacent field for another setup.

    After about 10-15 minutes of calling, we start walking out, and all of a sudden, someone shoots a rifle. It sounds like it is right next to us and I swear I heard the bullet cut leaves above our head. Then we hear the some guy on the land behind us holler " thanks for f'ing up my hunt!" he has some more kind of right to be out there because he's deer hunting

    I tried to talk my buddy into calling the law, but he didn't want to .... he's planning on going again in the morning and taking his bro-in-law with him. hopefully they won't get shot. I hope they get whoever is hunting that woman's land run off for doing that.

    Anyways, here's a pic. I'm taking it to the taxidermist tomorrow. Thinking of a full-body mount.

  2. BlackBelt


    Aug 23, 2000
    I've always thought it best to avoid confrontations in the woods when everyone is armed. However, this guy took a shot at you or in your direction to scare you, and because he was mad and out of control of his emotions. This ups the ante quite a bit.
    I would have moved on out without confronting him anymore, but called the police, regardless of what your friend wanted. And I would have tried to find the vehicle that the guy was traveling in and make sure I got that tag number.
    It would have been one thing if he had just climbed down and moved to another location. But taking a shot...this guy is out of control, and needs some legal correction for his actions. What happens if he's out there again the next week, and he just gets madder and madder because someone else 'ruined his hunt'. Only this time he shoots them, instead of above their heads?
    Years ago I was with a couple of guys who were hobby shooters. One guy is a local sheriffs deputy reserve officer, the other is a FBI agent. We went to our normal shooting area out in the middle of nowhere, that a buddy of mine owns and is clearly posted as no hunting/trespass. We brought some of the new guns, took aim at the barrel that we used for a target down range, and started shooting. In a moment we saw movement, as a group of deer hunters illegally hunting the property started coming toward us. Everyone had weapons. We tried talking to the pissed off hunters, but that was going nowhere quickly. They were getting madder and madder. Neither of my buddies mentioned their law enforcement affiliations, as that would have been like throwing gasoline on the fire. It was going so badly that we started moving towards our SUV and drove off very quickly, with us keeping weapons pointed back out the back window ready to return fire.
    We were very lucky that day that we didn't get shot, and we didn't have to shoot anyone. But it was so close to happening that fingers were on triggers and guns were pointed at each other on both sides of confrontation. The lessons of that day are etched in my brain. DON'T get into confrontations in the woods when everyone is armed. Doesn't matter if you are right or wrong. It's too easy for someone to wind up dead over nothing. Get out, call the law, get a tag number, and let them deal with it somewhere else besides out in the woods.
    Just my opinion.

  3. G36's Rule

    G36's Rule Senior Member

    Dec 1, 2001
    Spring, TX.
    That is the strangest 'yote I've ever seen. Maybe it is the lighting, but it looks black??? I've shot many 'yotes and never seen one that dark.

    Good job on the 'yote. Too bad about the asshat. Sometimes hunters are their own worst enemies.
  4. Brass Nazi

    Brass Nazi NO BRASS FOR U!

    Jul 4, 2005
    Some of the coyotes in Alabama are black.

    I would have definitley got in touch with the game warden. I can understand him being upset IF you were trespassing on his land but he has not right to complain if you were on your land.

    I have had people ride horses in front of mw while I was in a stand. I never said a word and just sat there quietly and they left on no time. I am sure that they never seen me.

    Did it ruin my hunting trip? For a half hour or so yes.

    Did it really matter in the big scheme of things? No.

    But I would be pissed of like a Mo Fo if someone shot at me!
  5. BrianDamage

    BrianDamage YouTalkin'ToMe?

    Jul 16, 2000
    Hartselle, AL
    yep pretty much black, not solid, but definately black

    dropped her off at the taxidermist today. He said he should skin it tomorrow and let me know the measurements so we can figure out what forms I could use :thumbsup:
  6. mossy500camo

    mossy500camo ammo found

    Sep 27, 2004
    Nice Yote! Im glad noone got hurt or worse.

    I have had similiar situations happen to me. Best thing to do is leave and call the LAW and Game Wardens.
  7. Razoreye

    Razoreye ♥♥Adorkable!♥♥

    Two comments: No hunter deserves to be fired upon by a fellow hunter, especially on purpose. That guy should no longer be able allowed to hunt and you should have called the police.

    Secondly, that is a very odd coyote. It almost looks like a mix but the facial features appear to be the same. Maybe it mixed with its African bretheren, the Jackal? :supergrin:
  8. Walter45Auto


    May 26, 2004
    Dallas, TX
    Nice coat! Interesting color.


    :reindeer: :50cal:
  9. bassman-dan

    bassman-dan NRA Lifer

    Jan 29, 2004
    Quagmire, Louisiana
    Great idea to take the brother-in-law! I've also got one you can take. Just put this %&&#$$&* right up at the front of the group.
    Hell! I'll pay you to take him with you!

  10. BrianDamage

    BrianDamage YouTalkin'ToMe?

    Jul 16, 2000
    Hartselle, AL

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  11. BlackBelt makes a lot of sense! Over the years I've twice run into idiots,(armed), who were upset that I and my companions were hunting. The first time I just happened to have a .22 revolver concealed under my jacket in addition to my shotgun,(I brought it for hunting small game but this experience taught me to carry a concealed handgun while hunting after that.) The guy next door was upset that nobody told him people would be hunting on land he did not own in the first place so he and his buddy showed up with revolvers asking US for permits to hunt! A few years later, while looking over some wooded property along with the owner and another fellow when some guys from HIS ADJOINING property show up with shotguns asking why we were there,(again not on his property.)This incident was also ended peacefully but the .45 auto under my jacket felt "comforting".

    A hunting trip is supposed to be fun; a gunfight is not. Descretion is the better part of valor. Withdraw and call the law if need be. A hunting trip is not worth getting killed over by armed morons.