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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by mazroth, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. I've been browsing for a few days, reading this and that. A few friends that don't know one another recommended me glock, sig, ruger or h&k. Thought I would like the striker fired guns better, I wanted a G19 but ended up picked up a G23 gen4. Hope to shoot it soon!

    Picked up blackhawk holster to carry it out on my land. Hoping to set up some shooting area. Figured this hobby will be cheaper than the last.

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  2. Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to GT and congrats on your new 23!! You'll love it!
  4. Hello from D/FW and welcome.
    Practice, learn all you can, and be safe...
    You'll be griping about ammo shortages in no time.
  5. Hoping to shoot my first box of 50. LGS had a box of ammo sitting on each handgun, so buyers of a new handgun at least got one box. It was PMC fmj 180. Someone owes me a box of 9mm, hopefully I can use it in trade for some more .40.
  6. HA!!!!:rofl:
    I don't know what the last hobby was, but unless it was marriage, you're going to be disappointed!

    Congratulations and welcome to freedom.
    I've learned a lot reading the posts from these guys on GT. Also hope you will take some formal training, so that you can be safe and effective.
  7. Welcome and all the best!

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    Welcome here...............
  9. Last hobby, and its ongoing, mustangs, and drag racing, but hopefully target shooting will strike my fancy a bit more. Maybe I can do the show car thing some...

    No formal training, but ive handled alot of rifles and shotguns. The handgun thing is the same ballpark. Plenty of friends and family help, reading and watching videos. If the wife wants to get into shooting with me, thinking about a course to help us.
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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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