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  1. Hi all! Let me give you some back story... I was born and raised in El Salvador Central America, due to that fact I am quite familiar with different firearms. However, I left El Salvador in the early 90's to attend School in California. I was surprised at how many hoops I needed to jump through to obtain a CCW and a firearm (I have always been a US citizen as my Mother was born in the US). I completed school and was hired in Cali to work in the tech industry. While in California I found it very difficult to purchase a firearm and more so to obtain a Carry permit. So I just did not. I remember thinking the BG's do not have permits or waiting periods... So I lived in Cali for 15 years without a firearm. Now I live in Arizona I have been here for about 4 years. I read up on the laws here and watched many videos and went shooting many times at the dif. ranges and found GLOCK. I was a revolver man before... Now I have purchased a G17 G4 that is just perfect. Love the accuracy and ease of use. Weight is a big factor. I have applied for my CCW permit and am looking forward to future training. I am now a GSSF member and looking forward to the event in Tucson planning on attending with my eldest son. Have plans of purchasing a g26 g4 as a backup pistol. I am looking forward to interacting with the forum and learning more about the Glock and the folks that have them.

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  4. Welcome to GT! My g17 gen4 is my favorite. unlike you I am starting to become a revolver man. lol. I just purchased a Ruger GP100. As for my next glock, I am looking at a 21sf or a 36.
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  7. Oh FYI I live in Phoenix AZ does anyone know of Glock clubs in PHX?? here are some pics of my setup. G17 G4, Crimson Trace Laser grips LG-850 and LTG-736 tac light, Maxtuck IWB holster from white hat holsters custom kydex to fit my setup. Thanks to all for the warm welcome!

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  8. Went to range today for private class I was having trouble with marksmanship... Had watched to many videos and all pushing a kinda isosceles stance so when I got my Glock was trying to adapt.. Was aiming dead center and shot going left... My mom was a cop and she taught me to shoot in weaver stance back in late 80's funny how it is the instructor put me in a weaver after checking sights grip arms trigger pull and once in weaver dead center shots! So I guess I am a weaver man! It was fun went through 200 rounds did some tactical reloads and enjoyed it going to class on 14th and 15th at shooters world in Peoria AZ for defensive pistol 1. Really looking forward to that. Took my class with Jeffery Solmon great instructor he taught CCW course he did a great job explaining everything and lot's of shoot no shoot scenarios. Liked his class so much I took the private lesson with him and he is the instructor on the defensive pistol 1 class planning on taking defensive p 2 and combat P 1 with him as well and if the wallet allows combat p 2.

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