First time Glock 19

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by WxGuesser, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. New glock owner... Not going on evening hunt because I want to shoot this baby. Is there a "best" and "worst" ammo for it.
    Gen 4 g19. I got some federal 115gr. Lawman 147. Gem tech 125. Ranger 125..

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    Congratulations on a great choice.
    It will pretty much shoot anything you feed it just fine.
  4. Welcome to GT and, congrats on the G19.
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  7. Welcome to GT now go and shoot that thing!
  8. Enjoy GT..........................
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  10. never shot mine. started to feel small in my hands. ended up selling it for 27% more...
  11. Welcome from Missouri.......
  12. Personally never had a WWB issue. I've probably fed 2500-3000 rds of it through my Ruger without a hiccup. Lawman, Monarch, Blazer Brass & Steel, all have worked fine.

    Tula is the only ammo I've had problems with. They are loaded noticeable lighter than even WWB. Without fail I also have at least 1rd per box that doesn't fire first go round. Hard Russian primers...
  13. For practice, I like Speer Lawman 124g FMJ. For self defense loads, either Winchester Ranger 127g+P+HPs or Speer Gold Dot 124g +P HPs are good loads. I tend to stay away from the 115g bullets as there have been reported having ejection problems. I have not though, with my Glock m19 Gen 4, that I bought in January of 2012.
  14. Congrats and welcome!

    If you don't reload yourself, a good/cheap option for range ammo is to shop online at:

    I've been using reman 9mm by Freedom Munitions and Georgia Arms and they are both great IMO - clean and reliable.
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