First the AK, now Glock...

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Amadeus76, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. So anyway I was snooping around WT as I sometimes still do because the sycophantic posts and crazed rants are still mildly amusing. Turns out he has either decided to abandon the Glock or is preparring to... Someone posted a thread saying that the day Suarez starts carrying a SIG is the day he'll 'eat a horse.'

    Suarez's response... 'Start grilling bro cuz its coming. And trust me...your buddies have no idea how to run a DA properly...but I do.'

    Now, I'm not knocking SIG here, but considering the push of all things SIG and that his online store is now little more than a SIG superstore I can't say I'm shocked. He really is a shill isn't he? I really wouldn't be shocked if he isn't getting a kick back from SIG for all this.

    I wonder how long till Glock accordingly becomes a crappy sub-par pistol on the WT forums now???

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  3. Agreed.

    And then after he has sold a bunch of them he will start selling something else.

    He has done the same thing many times and that will not change. The only reason I still go to that site from time to time is because no one else has a redot sited handgun forum.

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    I for one vastly prefer my P228 to any Glock ever made. Same would go for a 226 or 229, and probably even a 225 or 239
  5. Suarez giving up his beloved Glock's? Sounds weird to me too.
  6. I'm not saying the SIG is a bad weapon, tho Suarez has mocked it's DA/SA quality in the past... What I am saying is, the conveinent timing and his sudden shift to all things SIG raises eyebrows. Especially in light of SIG's past QC issues and Suarez and his staff's comments on WT.
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    Saurez is a tool. Who cares what hes running?
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    "wt" ?
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  9. Yeah. For us "Acronym Challenged" FNG's, help us the the "WT" ?
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    Any explanation as to what this is all about would be appreciated.
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