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  1. My handgun history is CZ75 to Colt Series 70 now a G22. I believe in having one handgun for carry and know it well. I also owned a 4" .357 Mag for range duty mostly. Firearms licenses are a bit tricky in South Africa, but if you as a dedicated sport shooter you can have some nice guns.

    I finally gave in and got a tupperware. :whistling: I have shot glocks before and liked them more than I wanted to admimt at the time. :embarassed:
    I picked the G22 because I like the 40S&W cartridge and I shall also use my G22 for competition shooting, mostly in IDPA.

    Carring: It is fairly easy to conceal. More so than I would have thought. The main difference is in the weight with a full magazine. Quite a bit ligther than the CZ or the 1911. It never was a real issue but it is nice. In my house I carry the G22 in a Blackhawk paddle holster and I hardly notice it.

    The trigger is a bit different but not bad. Mine has a clean break which is good. For slow fire it does take a bit of concentration, but it fast shooting I do not notice the trigger really.

    Below is a target of my second range session at 10m (about 11yards). Most shots are slow fire. There is magazine dump on the right. I will have to work on that part.

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  2. DWARREN123

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    Like mine. Good target. Never had a problem out of my G22 Gen3 and after about 9,700 rounds, mostly reloads, it keeps getting better.
    Also one of my carry guns. :supergrin:

  3. I'll clap to that :)
  4. I really like my Gen 3 Glock 22 and have been thinking about a gen 4. I would not trade the Gen 3 off but any thoughts on the upgrades that you get with the Gen 4.
  5. Hi
    I have the Gen 3. I specifically searched for one. I love the simplicity of glock handguns. It works. I am especially concerned about the dual spring binding on the gen 4. The grip size change does not intrest me a all.

    So I prefer the gen 3. I am just hoping I can track down a 35 gen 3 before they are gone.
  6. Nice shooting :thumbsup:
  7. Thanks.

    The shootings has improved over the last couple of weeks since I shot that target. I have get nice groups shooting a bit faster. Planning on doing sime IDPA towards the end of Feb.
  8. Thank you for the info.
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    Congrats, the G22 is a fine firearm. I just picked up a new G22 RTF2, love it.
  10. Nice shooting! I've had my Gen 3 G22 for about 10 months now and have close to 6,000 rounds through it. Like you, I believe in being competent with my weapon and the only way to do that is training (and competing) with it. Congrats on the G22.
  11. Hi all.

    Just thought I would do a short update on the tupperware. :whistling:

    So I have put 1000 rounds through the G22. Funnny not one FTF or any hickup of any sort. 600 rounds was my own reloads.

    The trigger has really smoothed up. It is actually quite sweet nou. Clean and very smooth. For faster shooting I actually prefer the Glock trigger, semi-pre-cocked-striker-fired (or what you want ot call it), now.

    Below is a target with the last 250 rounds fired at roughly 1 round every second at 10m (11 yards). Working up to entering my first IDPA end of the month.

    The second is a photo of the rails and locking block. Is this wear normal? I have very limited experience with Glocks.

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  12. Looks normal.
  13. A little lube may be nice.
  14. I actually have more wear on my locking block than that so I would say it looks very normal. The plating on my rails started to flake off within a few hundred rounds so a dremel smoothed them right down.
  15. A little lube was put on the rails, locking block, two places on the barrle and the trigger diconnect and reset as per the manual.

    That is the reason for me asking. Thanks for your reply though. Was REALLY helpfull. I think everyone on this thread learned something from it.
  16. GLockinNJ and bruzer, thanks for the replies. I feel better now.
    I remembered something from reading about Glock handguns about the plating on the rails, but it just needed some feedback. Thanks

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