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First it!!!

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Speedway913, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Speedway913

    Speedway913 Ahh Yeaaahh

    Jun 8, 2003
    A friend of mine finally took me out to learn the great sport of hunting this past monday. First of all, let me give a thanks to him for his help and for him taking the time to instruct me.

    We started out eating breakfast in a local truck stop near Cloverdale, Indiana. The food was great and there were many people in the joint to talk to about the day to come.

    The fog was heavy that morning and we headed out to his private 280 acre land about 5:30am. I was very excited and nervous at the same time. He took the time to make sure that I had the proper equipment and clothing(it sure did get cold sitting in that stand). We loaded all of our belongings onto the quad runner and header for the wooded area.

    My stand was 20 feet in the air, and was kind of scary at first(I am 6-03 270 and the seat was about half the size of my arse). I got into the stand and pulled my 1187 with BSA cateyes scope up into my lap and plugged in my ear piece to my radio.

    I was all ready to spot my first deer, and I waited.....and waited and waited.

    Long story short, I didn't see any deer that day, but the sounds of the grey squirrels and birds was a real eye opener. I can honestly say that this was the most enjoyment I have had in a while. The sun rising, and then setting 12 hours later made me realize that there is more than life than the "daily grind". I look forward to becoming more envolved in hunting next year and if nothing else, I look forward to being in the natural wonder that we call the wild.

    I don't know what I expect from this post, but I wanted to put it out there to anyone thinking of taking up the sport. Even if I never see a deer, it is very calming and eye opening to get out into the "wild". I encourage anyone that is thinking about trying the sport to do so, and if you get a chance tell the deer to come out next year.

  2. f1b32oPTic

    f1b32oPTic R4d104c71v3

    Aug 5, 2003
    up close & personal
    wait till a bigun walks up on you!

  3. No deer? Maybe. Maybe not. Check this thread I wrote about bow hunting, and think about how you sat in the stand and see if maybe you spooked any before they let you see them.

    Anyway, welcome to the great sport!

    Also, did you have a safety strap while in the stand? Lot's of people don't use them, but many do. It's a good idea to have one. You never know when you might fall asleep.
  4. 1st off congratulation and next luck the next trip out. I hope you at least see some deer and have a shot window to tag one.

    {plugged in my ear piece to my radio}

    I'm surprise you could even hear anything with that radio in you're ear. I find the wind blowing, birds chirpping and the sounds of the outdoors to be the best radio station.;f

    doesn't require batteries either
  5. WalterGA

    WalterGA Millennium Member

    Jan 26, 1999
    We have so many deer down here in S.W. GA, that I rarely hear stories of folks' not seeing deer. Typically, several deer are seen on any given hunt, and the seasoned hunters usually pass on all but the large bucks. I still don't see any "glory" in shooting the largest target that one can see, but, then, I only went deer hunting once; killed a deer with a revolver; never went back. :)
  6. Walter, how did that hunt with the revolver go? Were you in stand or ground, how far away was the deer? Was it aware of you or not? Did it come by spooked into your area, or was it relaxed?

    Where did you hit it? How far did it go? Did you field dress it by yourself? Drag it yourself? Did you eat it? Like the taste?

    Lots of questions to be sure. But I'm curious as to why you never went back. The whole process can bring one closer to nature and to the deer.

    Maybe something bad happened in your event to turn you off.

    Anyway, a lot of people don't see deer when they hunt. Some do with luck. Some have a buck walk up to them because of luck. Others work for it, still don't see anything, then work harder, learn more, and finally figure how to see the deer and get the deer without luck being such a large factor. That part of the process can make some really appreciate the sport.
  7. Speedway913

    Speedway913 Ahh Yeaaahh

    Jun 8, 2003
    Sure did....and it did provide extra support for me. The tree was in a "v" shape with the next closest tree and the strap allowed me to safely look behind me every once and a while(when I heard the squirrels breaking the twigs). Its amazing what you can see from a stand and how far.

    Thank you. We used the motorola 2 way radios. He informed me when he was getting down, and every once and a while we checked on each other. He is very big on safety, as he should be, so it wasn't a constant radio, just the occasional "you see anything" and the reply "not yet"

    I thought I was being still enough, hopefully it will come with experience. The season isn't over here in Indiana yet, but I still believe that if I go, I am not ready to go by myself yet. If I would happen to get one, I have no idea how to process the deer other than what I have read.
    Thanks for the replys and encouragement.
  8. fnfalguy

    fnfalguy Supreme Advisor

    Jan 4, 2003
    Gun week in Ohio has been pretty uneventful for me as well. Although I did miss a doe with my shotgun on Monday morning, I too saw lots of other game (i.e. turkey and pheasant) and took in the sites as well. I am convinced that next year that I'm try to deer hunt with a .44 Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter instead. This pistol is next on my wish list. After hunting with a rifle for several years in South Carolina, coming back home to Ohio and hunting with a shotgun is simply ludicrous!
  9. Speedway913

    Speedway913 Ahh Yeaaahh

    Jun 8, 2003
    I have a 44 redhawk with burris scope if you are interested.