First Glock!

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  1. Been shooting since diapers, owned a few different things over the years but I bought my first Glock yesterday (two toned 19), so I figured it's time to start reading and asking questions. I think i'll like it here I've learned a ton already and it's only been 3 hours. :wow:

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  2. :welcome: Enjoy GT....................

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    Pics or it didn't happen


  4. Hello from StL. MO. !!
  5. Welcome to the forum!
  6. :needspics:
  7. Does this count?
  8. Something like that, My old man is several states away with the picture of me shooting his .380 at the tender age of 4, so I guess a little beyond diapers but you get the point :).

    on the subject of pictures here's one of the 19
  9. Welcome & u'll love ur g19! I got a 23 and fixing to order a 19 next
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  10. Good choice... I love my EXO G19 & G26!!! Now find some ammo & shoot the piss outta it!! Welcome Aboard!!:wavey:
  11. dont know if a two tone looks nicer with black on black with a silver barrel, or silver on black with a black barrel, or a earth green bottom vice versa black and silver barrels with vice versa slides. so many options with glocks. if i had money, i would do earth green bottom, silver top, black barrel, with glock factory steel sights.
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
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