First Gen Proof Marks?

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by TJS, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. What do these marks mean??
    I was told by Glock that this was one of the batch of 1000 that was first imported into USA back in 1987.
    Any help on this gun would be much appreciated.


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  3. patcrad

    patcrad Great White Box

    GTF = July 1984 manufacture date for the barrel. Yes, it was one of the first 1000 Glock 17s imported into the United States in Jan 1986.

    If you have the original internal parts, original mags, box w/ matching serial number, then it is probably worth a little more than what it originally sold for in '86.

    Bigger pic's showing more detail may bring some more information from the peanut gallery.

  4. Thank you! Nope, no box. Found it at a pawn shop and got a good deal on it. Trigger bar is black so I think it has not been updated. I'm suppose to go to Smyrna next month so I'll take it down there and let Glock make it up to date. So is this barrel known as the "pencil barrel"?
  5. patcrad

    patcrad Great White Box

    yep, if it has matching serial number it would be a pencil. Make sure Glock gives back the original parts so you can sell them back to me.
  6. how much would a gun like this be worth on the market??

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