First encounter with LEO while carrying today - not very pleasant...

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by GLOCK19FTW, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. TBO

    TBO Why so serious?

    The lady did not detain he. She called the Police and told him she called.
    OP says he was upset at being accused.

    In my example the Cop actually stopped /detained him, having broken no traffic law, and checked him out for DUI (accusation).


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  2. Fipoj

    Now it just sounds like you're trying to exploit a situation and hurt as many people as you can.

    Personally, I don't think you should be carrying with that attitude.

    This sounds almost as bad as the person who bought a coffee from dunks and burnt their mouth. Now there is that proverbial "warning: contents might be hot" label.

    Just because you can sue and try to ruin someone's life, take their home, bankrupt them, doesn't mean they should. You sound angry. My advice, don't try to prove a point, it just sounds like you're crying about it, looking for someone to blame, and mostly just trying to force some money out of it.


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  3. Stevekozak

    Stevekozak Returning video

    I dont read it that way. It still looks like the same story to me. I think you are reaching here.
  4. Fipoj

    Sounds like you're trying to compensate for something as well. A bigger man would let it go.

    Doesn't offend me, just people like you tick me off. However, this must have been be the biggest concern you've ever had in your life and your pride is hurt.

    People go through a lot more than you everyday and don't complain or seek revenge... Just saying

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  5. No, Russ. I am NOT changing my story.

    Please read ALL of my posts consecutively.

    You will find that I stated that the ONLY thing I WAS concealing was my pistol -- which neither she, NOR the officer, knew I had until I notified him of it.

    SHE, on the other hand, accused me of "concealing/shoplifting/shoving down my pants" MERCHANDISE from the store.

    Yes, AFTER she told me the cops were coming & why she called them, THEN I told her that the reason I took my belt off was because I had my permit, and I needed to take this off in order to spin my tag around & see what it said.

    That is VERY different.
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  6. @Fipoj, I don't really care what you think of me if I should decide to sue.

    As I have previously stated, if a woman can claim "horrific" damages and sue for millions, just for being called "ching chong lee" on a piece of paper on her receipt, I'd say I have a MUCH better claim.

    As I have ALSO previously stated, if she is doing this to me, she is doing this to plenty of other people.

    If it takes my lawsuit to end it, then so be it.
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  7. HOWEVER -- she clearly didn't even pay attention to what I was saying, as she was too busy telling me how she had "busted me for stealing, and the cops were coming"

    So yes, as I stated, nobody even knew I was, quote, "concealing anything" to begin with -- mainly because I WASNT!!!!

    Either way..... Whatever dude.

    Just delete this thread if this is how things are going to go from here out.

    I'm done. First you say you owe me an apology, yet now you are trying to "poke holes" in my posts.

    Again.... Whatever.

    Just delete the thread if that is the case.

    I will not be posting here very often after these responses.

    Thanks to all who responded with some common sense, and actually looked at this from my point of view.

    To everyone else, get lost.

    Also -- @patchman, yes.. you are correct in a way.

    While it was my "first encounter with LEO while armed for being accused of shoplifting" -- it was also my first encounter with LEO while being armed at all.
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  8. That is what I am wondering. Where I am from they could in no way charge you with stealing unless you had something and left the store.

    Also, this woman, it would appear, thought you took clothes in the dressing room, but let you in anyway after you told her what you wanted to check?

    And then she falsely says you are stealing?

    Do they have lawyers where you live?

    Care to name this place of business?
  9. And we wonder what is wrong with this country?
    Don't settle for millions, go for billions! Zillions!
    Make sure you look in the yellow pages for the best ambulance chaser you can find!
    Seriously, you are kind of a pathetic person, and I get the feeling you are going to get a good education on greed.
  10. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    :headscratch: How do you figure that? He didn't change his story at all. He simply added more detail that had not been previously needed, or offered.

    I have to wonder: Instead of all that extraneous gun handling (I don't care whether or not the piece was holstered.) why not simply tell the sales lady to measure your waist? Otherwise you could have taken her measuring tape and measured your own waist.

    Finally, is it really necessary for you to be in C-1 in a clothing store? Are you actually THAT PARANOID about being instantaneously ambushed, or wounded? I'll be perfectly frank: I'm glad I wasn't the guy in the booth next to you while all of this was going on.

    Suggest you forget about that lost round. Carry in C-3 and you'll never miss it! More than likely you'll be able to go for the rest of your life and not need - even once - to come out of the holster, fast, in C-1. Sure, you won't be an official, 'Glockeroo cowboy'; but you and your family and friends WILL BE a whole lot safer. :thumbsup:
  11. In some states (according to that Loss Prevention Show on TV), you can be charged for shoplifting by concealing merchandise before trying to leave the store.

    Go ahead and sue. You need to get all the "money you deserve."
  12. Why? Where's the probably cause?
  13. I strongly suggest you lose this attitude. Police look for this and will take advantage of people who think this way. Remember, they're looking for bodies and on fishing expeditions.
  14. Me, too. Being accused of something I didn't do aside from physical attack, is about the worse thing that someone can do to me. I once blew up at my manager and my technical lead when confronted with a false accusation made from another employee. I was reading them the riot act about that one. Needless to say, nothing went in my permanent record.

    I would be livid and would pursue this through corporate channels, letting them know of my anger at being unjustly accused and that I would be sure to let others know of this outrageous behavior by one of their personnel. I wouldn't consider a lawsuit under the circumstances the OP related. But I would expect the offending employee to at least receive serious reprimands and better, termination. Her actions could result in a lawsuit from someone against the company.

    As for the police officer, I don't like nor want any LEO to remove my firearm from my person. Undue handling by anyone is dangerous and I prefer it to stay in my holster unless needed. I would complain if he ran my gun's serial number based upon the fact that there was no RAS or PC personally known to him. He was only going on what he was told about some person lodging a complaint.
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  15. Merlin40

    Merlin40 Merlin40

    If I could add something......."bargain store"?

    In my experience, the pants I choose, as well as the belt, are really, (for me) nothing short of a support system for my weapon of choice. And I NEVER, NEVER, skimp when it comes to that. A decent pair of cargo pants, with re-enforced belt loops, and maybe some type of 5-11 gear type belt, designed to support my weapon. Why would I shop a bargain store, for higher quality support equipment? Not trying to bash, I'm just asking.
  16. First and foremost there needs to be a harassment charge filed against the employee and the store. There was no proof of shoplifting, nor was there a reason to call the police.

    As for the officer disarming you; that is for his safety. Personally, I don't see where the officer did anything wrong. Yes, you are now missing a round, but accidents do happen. What I don't understand is why the gun was placed in your trunk. I would have reached inside and reholstered the weapon and placed it back on my belt.

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  17. Bruce M

    Theft. Here in Florida a theft or an attempt theft is essentially the same crime. And an attempt theft occurs when someone starts stuffing merchandise down their pants. Many/most stores dictate not to stop or deal with a shoplifter before he leaves the store. Their choice. However when someone conceals merchandise to steal it the crime has occured, it just may be slightly harder to prove if the defendant can convince someone they really were going to pay for the five shirts and three steaks they stuffed into their pants. "A person commits theft when he knowingly obtains or uses or endeavors to obtain or use the property of another..."

    Of course it might be different in his state. Or it might be considered an attempt theft or theft or attempt shoplifting or shoplifting or larceny.

    Best of luck with the lawsuit, but it might be nice to hear something about millions from your potential attorney before you plan on this as a cornerstone of your retirement.

    With due respect, you might wish to get "thicker skin" in case the law suit actually proceeds and the store's attorneys decide to depose you before trial or settlement.
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  18. Pretty much SOP.

    I was disarmed by the Texas Highway Patrol on my way through the Texas pan handle. They gave me back my unloaded Gun and bullets and told me to make sure I loaded it back up after they left.........something about "an unloaded gun is just a paper weight".

    God bless Texas!
  19. Bruce M

    Sir, my guess is that your first instinct was correct. But thanks for reopening it, it has been interesting.
  20. Stevekozak

    Stevekozak Returning video

    Maybe he doesn't have a lot of money? Sounds like he is a young married fellow. :dunno:

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