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First Crossbow kill - Virginia

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by vafish, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Shot this nice little spike buck this morning.

    No big hunting story, I was hunting on a 5 acre property in Great Falls, VA. I literally hunt in a guys back yard. I could see 6 houses from my tree stand.

    This guy came from the neighbors yard and right up to me, about 20 yards out he turned to my right and got behind some brush. When his head went behind a tree I raised the crossbow, then I picked a clear opening in the brush and held waiting for him to step into it. When he did I fired, he ran about 10 yards, stopped and looked around, then started to turn back the way he came, he took 2 steps and fell over.

    Thing I can't believe is when I gutted him I couldn't find any vital organs that were hit. He must of stepped as I fired, the bolt hit a little far back, in front of his right hip, it exited about midway on his left side. Lungs, Heart, and Liver were all fine. Massive bleeding inside, but I couldn't tell what it was I hit.

    Anyhow good morning.

  2. NOt bad,,, What kind of bolts and heads you using? Was this one of the communitiy hunts to help thin the herd?

  3. That a perfect nice eatin buck ;) Did you ever find recover the bolt ? Any damages to it or BH? I'm assuming it did pass thru, right ?

    fwiw: As far as that hit it looks very high, maybe you hit the spine or some other item like one of the arterys that runs down the spine between the toploins. If I did the same and have animal fall within 10-30yards of my position I would be happy and could careless if lung/heart or anything else was hit. ( just my opinion )

    Also deer hearts and live chop and cooked with liver is very tasty. Just drain all of the blood before cooking it ;)

    Good job and lets us know how your season turn out, florida pass a X-bow season this year but only for private lands. It's short kinda like 4-7days but they did pass it. I'm planning on buying a x-bow soon but debating on what model and if I should scope or not or reddot it.
  4. Bolts are Easton Aluminum Broad heads are Shokwave 125 gr mechanicals.

    I didn't find the bolt, Bunch of leaves back behind the deer, I'm pretty sure it's under them somewhere. I was planning on going back later with a metal detector.

    From the looks of the exit wound the broad head opened just fine.

    It's not an organized comunity hunt. Fairfax County is part of the Virginia Urban Archery season. Starts in mid September and runs through the end of March. Only allowed to take anterlerless deer during the extended season, during the regular seasons we can take antlered deer.

    VA allowed crossbows to be used during archery season starting last year.
  5. Guest

    Crossbows are deadly. I've gut shot deer with them and still recovered them, but that is no excuse for a bad shot.