First AR, Need some ideas

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Rich22, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. I would be very interested in this also

    So here is what I have come up with so far.

    Flat top upper no handle

    Full length quad rail- may as well just get it and not have to worry

    vertical foregrip- it just feels better and more natural for me

    Optics- I am still not sure on the RDS or Holo or scope, for my distances ( most under 100, all under 300) what would be a good idea and my best bet within my budget. Also a magnifier for a RDS I have never seen one, could I get a run down on those from some experienced users.

    Now leaning more to 300 Black since 1 Sounds like would be more condusive to cast which is what I will have to shoot 90% of the time to afford as much ammo as I want. 2, Something different and more interesting. 3, I just cannot see a real downside other than ammo costs which are mitigated if I reload.

    Since this will be a secondary HD weapon after the tried and true 12ga I do need reliability and ease of use.

    Looking at the shortest barrel I can without running afoul of that wonderful gestapo like agency the ATF which is if I am not mistaken 14.5 with permanently attached muzzle brake?

    With all this and the budget I have am I doomed to building this myself or does someone out there make what I am looking for?

    Thanks for all the help here, I do love GT.


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  2. For me, it is not an optimal set up. I don’t like how the gun balances and swings with the magnifier flipped to the side. Also, some flip mounts do not lock in the flipped down position, allowing it to bounce around. If you are going to go that way, I recommend the Larue mount (I know, big surprise.). I prefer the twist off mounts but then you have to insure the magnifier is with the gun.
    Personally, if I need magnification, I go with a low power variable. Yes, it’s more eye relief particular and slightly slower at close range than a red dot but everything’s a trade off. That’s why my close range carbine has an Aimpoint and my GP gun has a 1.5-6 Weaver Euro.
    This is just my opinion, based on what works for me. Some people find a magnifier + RDS very useful.
    Based on your eye issues, a low power variable might be a good place to start.

  3. K. Foster
    With my primary trainer (PSA) its about 1" low at 50 yards where as my Dot is about 1" high at 50 yards with M193 and a center hold. So I don't worry about changing anything when I train with these rounds. My other carbine is scoped 1.5" high with M193 at 100 yards a dead on maybe a tad low with cast at 100 yards!:supergrin:
  4. That’s much closer than I would have thought. Thanks.
    I’ll be staying with FMJ’s but if it works for you, great!
  5. K. Foster
    The best part is the cost is only $.10 or less a round!! Where as the average cost of FMJ is about $.34-5 now for FMJ.:supergrin: Since I have about 500 # of lead , free cases only thing a pay for is primers ,powder, gaschecks.
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  6. Kudo’s to you gunnut, rock on.:thumbsup:
    Just curious, what type of lead, wheel weights?
  7. So I am now significantly leaning towards the 300 blackout for several reasons, something different, will not cost me more to shoot than 5.56, can supress it at some point in the future if I want to, can run subsonics with full function. Here now is my problem. I have looked at LMT, DD, BCM, DSG and nothing is even close to my price range before optic. Looking at, they have a Spikes lower and a CMMG upper for 955 but that I am sure does not include everything like the foregrip and the BUIS which would likely only leave me 300 or so to get an optic which I find unlikely to happen.

    I am sure I am missing something here as to availability and sources since I just looked at the ones listed in this thread. Please enlighten me slightly more on sources and it looks like I shall be good and then comes the Optics discussion which I am sure will be enlightening to me.

    Appreciate the help

  8. Last I priced it, .300 ammo was still 10-20% more expensive than 5.56, even with the currently inflated prices on 5.56 ammo. Plus, .300 will probably rise as 5.56 does, since they use nearly identical brass.

    Since it is still new to market (and sells at lower volume) finding a .300 upper in the same price range as 5.56 will be highly difficult.

    5.56 can still be suppressed. While it's not as quiet as subsonic .300, you can still get a 16" barrel well below hearing safe levels.

    Finally, I would avoid CMMG. They have a bit of a hit-and-miss reputation. Two different GT posters here recently had issues with CMMG lowers with out-of-spec mag wells, for example.
  9. Here's the CMMG thread and fwiw mine works fine. :cool:
  10. Appreciate it, I will read that later, I have never heard of the company before. Since I do reload and will cast for the rifle, that is why I am saying it really will not be any more expensive. Wish I could find just very very cheap bulk .224's but I just cannot.
  11. Is 8.3 cents a pill cheap enough for you?
  12. I don’t want to turn this into a CMMG bash but I will also warn you off them. They have had a spotty reputation for quality and CS for some time.
    Couple weeks ago, a friend brought me a CMMG upper that wouldn’t extract. The railed gas block had not been installed properly. The barrel wasn’t dimpled and no thread locker had been used. Now, since he bought it used and on a DPMS lower, it may have been a parts gun but it had a CMMG barrel. I have no way of knowing if it came like that from CMMG and I’m not blaming them. But after I got it working, I installed his MBUIS rear sight and sighted it in. I was getting 2 ½ to 3 groups at 50 yards and 5" + at 100 yards. Unacceptable.
    This is just the latest of several issues I’ve encountered with their stuff. Not all their stuff is bad. I have another friend who has one of their bargain basement carbines and it’s 100% reliable with good accuracy, good trigger, nice gun. Again, I don’t want this to turn into a CMMG bashing thread. To you guys that have had good luck with their stuff, Great! I’m happy for you.
  13. Just got off the phone with Primary Arms, gentlemen said they do not have a complete rifle in 300 BLK and only one upper in 300 Whisper and are totally out of lowers. I have a feeling this is going to be tougher than I expected. Off to call PSA for the heck of it.

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