First AR, Need some ideas

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Rich22, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Travclem

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    Are you planning on trying to shoot cast boolits in an AR?

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  2. Do not base your decision on what looks cool in a picture thread.

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  3. I was literally just getting ready to type that. Shoot a bunch first, you will find out what you want/need. I am guilty of doing that as a noob, quad rail, vert grip, light with a pressure switch, junk

    Now I have an MOE handguard with an impact weapons light mount. Its what works for me.
  4. M&P15T

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    How does one covet? By seeing things with your own eyes. The OP has to start somewhere in getting a feel for what is out there. If a complete noob looks through those pictures, they can see all of the different manufacturers, models, accessories, configurations, optics, etc., etc.

    THEN, they can ask some questions here in a thread, clarifying what they're looking at. There's no way to make a purchase decision without looking at what is out there, to have some ideas on what you're interested in.

    Have at it OP, look through all those pictures. Find what appeals to you, then ask some clarifying questions here in your thread. We're here to answer whatever questions you have. And, take some time to really consider exactly how you are going to use your new AR.
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  5. Travclem
    Well hell I shoot cast all the time in both 5.56mm and 300 Blk Ar's ! Works just fine!

    OP I have a 16" unsurpressed 300 Blk and yes it lends itself very well to cast bullet use.
    I run subs and supers in cast out of it very nicely. Now finding a complete rifle in the caliber will take some research. If your a reloader-when you go to the range make it a point to start picking up .223/5.56mm brass to convert to 300 Blk- very easy to do many video on youtube show you how. Probably be easier to get a 5.56mm AR now and then get an 300Blk upper later. For the ranges you expect to shoot at the 300 Bk fit perfectly. If you want more info on the 300 Blk feel free to PM me at anytime.:supergrin:
  6. Travclem

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    Any reliability issues? I'd think it would be more prone to feeding issues. How about leading the gas port?
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  7. arushus

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    If this is your first AR, do yourself a favor and go with 5.56mm. Plenty of time later to add a 300 blackout upper or rifle. Also, definitely definitely buy a mil-spec gun. These are a few brands I know are at least mil-spec and perform well:Daniel Defense, Colt, BCM, Spike's Tactical (This is what I own), LMT, and Palmetto State makes guns to mil-spec also, but personally I would go with one of the others. At your budget, I would buy a Daniel Defense. Sounds like you should go with a 16" barrel, as others have said, preferably cold-hammer forged, which DD's are. A lot of people recommend Colt 6920's as first AR's. Whatever you do, I cant stress enough to go with one of the brands I mentioned. Im no expert, but I have researched and read a whole lot on who makes good rifles. is a great site for information, only thing I dont like about that site is if you dont own a DD or BCM they make you out to be a complete moron. I disagree, if you dont buy a rifle that is built to at least mil-spec, then you are a moron. Mil-spec rifles can be had for about the same price range as other lower tier manufacturers such as rock river, olympic, dpms, stag, doublestar, cmmg, etc...A lot of people will say they have one of these brands and theyve never had a problem in 3 gazillion-quintillion rounds, fact is, these brands just are not built to the same quality as Daniel defense, bcm, spike's, colt, or lmt...
    As far as optics go, I cant offer a lot of advice, other than to parrot what Ive read from other people, and tell you what I did and am happy with. A lot of guys like the Aimpoint PRO, and Eotech's, either one you can add a magnifier to. Personally, I bought a burris 2-7x35 scope on a Burris PEPR QD mount, and mounted a Burris fast-fire III on top. The mount comes with scope rings that have rail sections on top. I use the scope for 50-60 yards and farther, and up close I transition to the fastfire. I really enjoy this setup, it ran me about $450 total if I remember correctly, but I bought everything separately when I had the money.
  8. That is in the game plan yep, either .223 or 30 cal bullets in factory jacketed form will be significantly above what I have laid out for the amount of shooting I want to do.

    Much appreciated, I probably have between 2000 and 3000 cases downstairs currently and can pick up several hundred more a month so I am likely good for the near future at least.

    Believe me I do not care one bit how cool something looks when it comes to guns, performance is all that matters. Looks on women and cars matter, guns no.

    Thanks guys I will check out the picture thread and see what looks interesting.

  9. LA_357SIG

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    It seems (to me anyway) that supersonic ammo was the primary purpose of this round.

  10. With your budget, you should have no problem getting a great rifle. Up it just a little bit, and you can have a great rifle/great optic combo right off the bat.

    Here's what I did: I went to Bravo Company USA and picked out the rifle that looked closest to what I wanted. In my case, that was the Mid-16 Mod 2 Carbine. I knew that I absolutely could not beat BCM for price to quality ratio.

    I knew I wanted a RDS on my rig and I know you can't do better than Aimpoint for price to quality ratio. I ended up with the Micro H-1, but almost went with the Pro.

    I knew I had top-notch quality and terrific bang-for-the-buck. Now I've just been shooting it and figuring out what else I'd like to do with the rifle before I make more upgrades. So far, I've added a new stock, new flash suppressor, new pistol grip and a LaRue 660 mount for the Aimpoint. Next will probably be rail guards and maybe a vertical grip.
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  11. Travclem
    Nope run just like they due with store bought ammo. Have to do a little extra cleaning but not much. Course I don't shoot them at the same velocity as jacketed but they are more then capable for training/hunting and SD/HD. Shoot the 5.56mm and 300 Blk out to 200 yards plus no problems!
  12. If you are refering to .300 BLK you would be incorrect. It was designed to give the operator a familiar platform that would outperform common sub guns like the MP5 w/ the use of heavier subsonic rounds. The supersonic features were an added bonus. Check out SilencerTalk and the .300BLK forum. Am I wrong?
  13. LA_357SIG

    LA_357SIG Milspectacular

    Yes. You are wrong. AAC designed the 300BLK to replicate the ballistics of the 7.62x39mm reliably from an AR15. Nothing about 7.62x39mm indicates a foundation based on subsonic use in close quarters. As I said, to me. Now back in the corner.
  14. Oh yeah? That's why the first ammunition on the market for the .300 BLK was 220gr subsonics, right? I know if I was releasing something for use with supersonic ammunition I would release supersonic ammuntion first. Makes sense to me, lol.
  15. Travclem

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    Last time I checked AAC was a silencer company. Didn't they develop the round to be quiet? It is pretty much just a SAAMI spec .300 whisper. The whisper is a wildcat .300/.221 fireball round developed to be quiet and the Blackout is a .300/.223 you can even shoot .300whisper in a .300Blackout chamber. I don't work for them but this is the only thing that makes sense.
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  16. LA_357SIG

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    I'll say this and I'm done. AAC developed the 300BLK to shoot super and subsonic ammo from the same barrel with no external adjustments. So it does both. If you can provide hard evidence (an actual response from AAC, not anecdotal suggestion) that the primary reason 300BLK is for subsonic use, then I'm wrong.
  17. What velocity do you shoot cast bullets at?
  18. Matthew Courtney

    Matthew Courtney Instructor #298

    I never was able to find a cast bullet load that would cycle an AR reliably without seeing pressure signs or excessive barrel leading. If someone has one, please share....
  19. K. Foster/Matthew Courtney

    I run my 5.56mm cast at 1875 fps- 18.7 gr IMR4895 for full function and zero leading! For no leading -proper sizing and lube. Gas checked of course. In the 300 Blk I run my 150 gr Cast GC at 1995 fps, 170 gr Cast GC at 1875 fps again properly sized and lubed zero leading! Full function.:supergrin:
  20. That’s pretty slow. How much does that load change your point of impact at what ever range you zero?

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