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Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by UCLAglock35, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Looking at a WASR 10 model with the folding stock CA compliant, for about $650.00 + tax & DROS, what do you guys think? is that a good deal?

    I don't care much for accuracy or precision, I just want something original, simple, and scary when I pull the trigger.


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  2. Never shot an AK that was scary when I pulled the trigger.

    The scary part is that price ... 650. for a WASR. :wow:

  3. Way too much. Plenty of places have them for $450.
  4. CarlosC

    CarlosC AK Fanatic

    I agree, the price is shocking. I'm traveling this week and didn't bring my Century sales flyer, but I don't remember CA-compliant AKs being that much. Regular WASRs are usually almost $300 less.

    I don't know what to think about the "scary when I pull the trigger" comment.
  5. Thanks to everyone for their input. I thought it was too much also, especially after seeing on average $450 for a WASR. Thanks guys for your feedback. Good thing I did not pull the trigger on that one. whewwww:faint:
  6. Is there anything that I should definitely be aware of when shopping around for a reasonably priced AK?
  7. CarlosC

    CarlosC AK Fanatic

    Don't worry too much about brand or origin...judge each AK individually on its own merits.

    A little bit of a cant on the front sight base is not a big deal as long as you have enough adjustment on the sight to hit your target. Once it's set, you'll probably never have to move it again.

    Cant on the gas block is a bit more of a concern. A bad cant here can affect the piston or slowly wear away the inside of the gas tube.

    A canted rear sight base is a problem.

    Ugly wood furniture can be refinished to look amazing, so it's not a deal breaker.

    Slight wobble in the mag well is not a big deal either. AKs will function reliably with quite a bit of mag wobble. Remember, the tolerances on an AK are quite loose.

    Arm yourself with some basic knowledge about AKs before you go buy one. Be able to know what mags and accessories are more desirable...know how to tell if the gun has original equipment or if someone has made some good (or bad) changes.
  8. FireForged

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    My only reservations are the AK's with a USA made receiver. Other than that, I would gladly buy any of em.
  9. THANK YOU CARLOSC. I read your article about the history and evolution of the AK. very informative. Thank you for you advice. Thanks to everyone. :supergrin:

  10. Folding stock AK's are NOT legal in Kalifornia, UCLA glock...32" minimum length required. doesn't matter how many features it has or doesn't have, no folders here. It sux i know...i'm ready to move as soon as i can...
    also you must have the mag release block installed that requires "a tool".

    I bought my WASR for $500 plus DROS and tax at turner's, double stack (you can find a single stack WASR for $420 and then grind out the magwell if you are good with a dremel. Double stack = the magazines almost every other AK in the world uses, single stack = accepts only single stack mags 10 round capacity, they do not interchange).
  11. I have a WASR 10 that has been 100% reliable. That price is a bit high from what I've seen. Good luck!

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