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  1. Hey all,
    I've seen people able to tell me my isp and other information by me visiting a sight and just wondering if a firewall in addition to the windows xp firewall that came with my laptop will stop this? Any recomendations to programs? If not then what steps should I take to eliminate this problem. Just kinda creeps me out that people could get my address by this route. My system also has Webroot spysweeper, Trendmicro, and Ad Aware SE. Just want to make it as secure as possible.


    -xd out-

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  2. David_G17

    David_G17 /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

    no, it won't.
    if you google for "anonymous web proxy", you'll find some ways to limit people to tracing your system back to some proxy somewhere, but there really isn't much software that you can install on your system that can keep them from finding your ISP. That's just the way the Internet works.

  3. Ok then how would I conceal I think its called my ip address? What would adding a second firewall do?
  4. Disconnect your PC from the Internet. ;)

    I *think* there are tools to disguise your IP address, but if someone looks hard enough, they will trace eventually figure it out. If you're that concerned about security, thats really your best option as opposed to software firewalls.

    Ever hear of lawsuits against people downloading illegal music, movies etc? This is how they find them, they get their IP address, then coerce the service provider(ie, threaten to sue them), into telling them who that IP belongs to.

  5. Im thinking of setting up online banking, but Im very worried about the security of my accounts. Is my system secure enough to keep people from finding that information? How would I be able to tell?

    I really appriciate the answers thanks!!!

    -xd out-
  6. Well, you've never mentioned what you have, so I don't know. Bottom line though, Any website at some point, can/will be hacked. I know this much:

    1. I wouldn't trust the XP firewall any more than I do anything else MS puts out(which I don't trust at all)

    2. Online banking or not I wouldn't use an always on connection w/o some type of quality hardware firewall. Zone Alarm and several others make nice software firewalls, but none of them take the place of a hardware firewall, in my opinion.

    3. If your system gets compromised by a virus, spyware, etc, it is possible, God Forbid, you could get some sort of keylogger virus, so someone would know what sites your visiting, what user names your using, passwords, etc. Obvioiusly, a hardware firewall won't protect you against this, you just have to be careful about what you download, hope that M$ introduces patches for your OS before hackers know how to exploit them(don't get your hopes up), etc..

    Most of wether you're secure or not, will depend on the banks end of things, and unfortunately, you have no control over that. Banks, Stores, Corporations, etc.. Get compromised all the time, just read the paper.

  7. Let's put this in simple terms.

    1) You send a regular letter (US MAIL) to Glock asking for a catalog.
    2) Glock sends the catalog to your return address.
    3) Glock now knows where you live.

    That's how the information on the internet works. Your machine asks for something, and the other machine sends it to you based on your IP Address.
  8. Never even thought of it that way..

    Excellent example.

  9. I use a Linksys hardwired cable router that has built in firewall. (I don't particular like Linksys but it was what I bought. With do overs, I'd buy D-Link instead.) I block all incoming ports except the ones I want for incoming services to my Linux box. I disable the s/w firewall on my wife's XP box. (She's an online game player, FPS type, and doesn't need the s/w f/w and it slows down her game play.)

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