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Firehouse Magazine "POV" Editorial Cartoon

Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by obxemt, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Reminds me of Rat Fink and other zany car jockies!


    Oops, telling my age again!

  2. MEDIC1167

    MEDIC1167 Millennium Member

    Apr 30, 1999
    Northern CT
    Reminds me of a guy I used to work with...Canary yellow Ford Fiesta with a full size (52") Federal Firehawk light bar strapped to the roof. It hung over the edge so far you could bang your head on it getting in. :rofl:
  3. obxemt

    obxemt Chaplain of CT

    Ha. 10 years ago when I was a new volunteer fireman, my POV lighting installations were always very tasteful. :rofl:
  4. DTLarson


    Mar 1, 2007
    I switched from Firehouse to Fire Engineering about a year or a year and a half ago. Firehouse seems to have turned too much into a "wacker" magazine for me. It's full of stories about big fires and incidents and not much on review of equipment, tactics and other things like that.
  5. RyanNREMTP

    RyanNREMTP Inactive/Banned

    Jun 16, 2007
    Waco, Texas
    I agree, I canceled my subscription to Firehouse and got one for Fire-Rescue instead. Much better in my opinion. About the only thing I used Firehouse for was the forum which I've slacked off on lately.
  6. grfd600


    Apr 9, 2007
    Ya, I'd call this wacker too, but the last time I brought up a wacker thread it got closed and some got butt hurt; wackers I guess. Anyway, great cartoon. Wacking is a very thin line. Either your scared of what they do or laugh at them.
  7. obxemt

    obxemt Chaplain of CT

    That's nothing has been that way since 1979, or whenever it started. I subscribed from 1988-2005.

    I actually find that term to be extremely offensive and unnecessarily pejorative. Plus it is a little broad and can be used to insult folks for just about anything. It seems to be usually thrown around by guys who over-compensate for their own lack self confidence with territorial machismo about fire service issues. Instead of actually articulating what they really want to say, they find it much easier to dismissively call someone a "wacker" than to engage in meaningful discussion.
  8. fireguy129

    fireguy129 NRA Member 2008

    May 31, 2001
    Northeast Pa, usa
    Firehouse tells you what happened, Fire Engineering tells you what to do if it happens again. I think FE wins hands down, much more technical, less political and commercial than Firehouse.
  9. grfd600


    Apr 9, 2007

    I agree.

    And Xpoletemt or whatever, I actually find you to be extremely offensive and unnecessarily pejorative. You are obviously a wacker too, hence the "offense". :supergrin:
  10. fjnardo


    Jan 11, 2008
    Fire Engineering is definitely more practical. The Firehouse magazine doesn't do much for me. Though, the Firehouse website is definitely a more valuable tool.
  11. Thru & Thru

    Thru & Thru Troublemaker

    Nov 9, 2003
    Deep innaharta Texas
    Hmmmm - yes, and MY installations, - well, let's just call them - um, imaginative.... Yeah, that's the ticket! :wow: