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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by RenoF250, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Firefox seems to have picked up the annoying habit of jumping the page up when you click a link sometimes. Is anyone else having this problem? My dad said he is and he has told Firefox about it but no response. Irritating.

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  2. I've only noticed in on when I'm clicking on the Radar Animation link. It's VERY noticeable in that case, so I think I'd remember it if it were happening anywhere else.

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    I've noticed it on GT quite a bit. So much so that I have clicked a thread from an index page at the same instant it 'jumps' and I end up in a thread just above where I clicked (and hadn't intended to go).
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    firefox jump.

  5. Do you have the Vista Transformation Pack installed?
  6. I have the problem on my XP machine on my wife's Vista (not sure if it has a transformation pack) and my dad has the problem with his Win 2k machine.

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