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Firefox help needed

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Slacker, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Slacker

    Slacker Millennium Member

    May 30, 1999
    Elizabethton, TN
    Ever since I upgraded to Firefox 3.0.5 I have been having "Page Load Error" and it seems to be getting worse. I've looked over the Firefox help pages but haven't really seen anything helpful. It happens on various websites and will load after I click "Try Again" I am running XP on an old Dell system but have never had this problem till I upgraded. Anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix this? Also, while I'm at it since the upgrade it takes my system longer to "get moving" its slow for a couple moments then is normal. Me and the g/f use this system and have our individual accounts so I always "Log off" so she can get to her account and vise versa. I use CCleaner, AVG antivirus, defrag regularly, have plenty of hard drive space, 638mb ram, Radeon 9250 video card. I hope someone can help me. I like the new version of Firefox and dont want to have to roll back to an older version.
  2. havensal

    havensal Nozzle Jockey CLM

    Aug 14, 2003
    Western, NY
    I am running 3.1b2. I have been seeing an error every once in a while that says something like "the connection has been reset by server" :dunno:

    I thought it had something to do with the new AVG I installed.

  3. cs133atom


    Feb 28, 2007
    The Old Dominion
    Have you both disabled the AVG Safe Search feature? If not try that. Firefox doesn't like it at all.
  4. Slacker

    Slacker Millennium Member

    May 30, 1999
    Elizabethton, TN
    I will try this!!!!
  5. DScottHewitt

    DScottHewitt EMT-B

    Jul 4, 2000
    Waynesboro, VA
    I'm sticking with 2.x until 3.x offers support for the tools/accessories necessary to allow ALL my porn sites to play videos properly.....

  6. DJ Niner

    DJ Niner Moderator

    Feb 13, 2001
    North-Central USA
    What is this, what does it normally do, and where is it located?

  7. Slacker

    Slacker Millennium Member

    May 30, 1999
    Elizabethton, TN
    Update, disabling the AVG safe search feature didn't solve my problem. I rebooted and everything and its still happening.
  8. No trouble found with FF3 :whistling: