Fiocchi 1500 primers.

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by NMG26, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Found some primers at a local store.

    They don't say Small pistol or small riffle or anything else?

    They say Small .45 or .045.....can't remember....I wrote .45, but I thought it was .045?

    Are these good for small pistol?

    I thought it was odd that what they were used for was not on the box.

    40$ for 1000


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  3. sellersm

    sellersm disciplinare

    I wonder if they're for the Fiocchi SPP .45acp brass?

    Any codes on the box, like this: ZZ445SMP?

  4. Dropped my phone in the Rio Grande some time ago, and the camera does not work. I would have liked to have taken a picture.

    I wrote .45 SL.

    The guy only takes cash on reloading supplies. I would have picked them up but I seldom carry cash.

    Guess I'll go back tomorrow with 40 bucks and take a closer look.

  5. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    Their size is metric. So they tend to be a tad bigger than USA primers. Also they are not sold by the K they are sold 1200 to a box.
  6. njl


    That's odd. I bought some Fiocchi SPP from Grafs shortly before things got nuts, and they're clearly marked SMALL PISTOL on the box (in all caps). They're sold in boxes of 1500 (10 trays of 150), and wood cases of 8 boxes.
  7. Fiocchi now has a plant in Lake Ozark MO. Perhaps they are packaging things differently from that plant - if primers are even made at that plant.
  8. njl


    BTW...My RL550B and I have been happy with them and used them interchangeably with CCI SP.
  9. I bought then today.

    Here is a pic:

  10. The bummer is there was two boxes of CCI Large Pistol in case.

    I did not have another 40 bucks.

  11. Went to my club to shoot Steel today and they had a shelf full of Winchester, CCI, and Federal SPP and LPP - $38/1K, but members get 2 bucks off that. Best selection and quantity I've seen there for many months.
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  12. Why... you taking a road trip to FL for primers? :)

    Hernando Sportsman's Club...
  13. Hey... speaking of components... any movement on MG 147s?
  14. PCJim

    PCJim Senior Member

    SARDG, so how many primers were on the shelf after you left?

    BTW, that's quite a drive for you to Hernando nowadays, isn't it? Still looking to get over to take my nephew to an IDPA meet. He may be back over here sooner than I get over there. I need to find out their schedule, and also the one that shoots at WAC.
  15. Believe it or not... and I may be sorry, but I didn't buy any. They've had to impose a 2K limit but $36 is still more than I paid for my last 10K of Match SPP to the door. I wonder if we'll ever see reasonable pricing again.

    It's now 175 miles from my new home to 'old' home and another 25 miles to my club (HSC). I came up for ~2 weeks, otherwise the drive isn't worth it. Trying to get some teaching and shooting in because the club and range opportunities aren't so great in Cape Coral. I'm a lot closer to your neck of the woods though so may contact you and check out your place. I've got to get my press back up though, before I get back to wholesale shooting. Shot Steel match today with factory. :crying:

    HSC IDPA remains the same: practice every Tuesday at 9AM-11AM - $11 I think). Sanctioned match every third Saturday at 9AM (~830AM for reg and safety brief) - $11. You don't have to belong to IDPA to shoot for a couple of months, but then the MD likes you to join IDPA. Don't know if your nephew joined yet. New shooters are welcome, but the MD would like to know the shooter's familiar with IDPA and holster work. They'll work with new shooters at the practices.

    Don't know WAC's schedule, but HSC is nicer anyway... :)

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