Finished new book, Pratical Handgun Training

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by ChiefWPD, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, check this out. Just finished a book on handgun training. You can see the whole thing for free (I opened it up so you can read the whole thing) here:

    Comments and suggestions welcome. I can always do a rewrite!!


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  3. WT

    Millennium Member

    Chief - took a glance at it and am very happy to see you apparently addressed revolvers in depth.

    Back in the day I learned bullseye shooting from an old copper. He had me fire my Colt Python double action. On the job he took out bad guys firing double action and saw no need to change his style when target shooting.

    One thing I 'hear' nowadays is that the average American male does not have the hand strength needed to fire a revolver double action.

    I think your book will become a classic like NYPD Deputy Chief Weston's Combat Shooting for Police.

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  4. WT, thanks for the kind words. Double action shooting just takes a bit of practice. No mystery!

  5. WT

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    RE: Flashlight tactics

    Reading your book, chapter by chapter.

    Regarding house clearing by the homeowner at night: what do you think about throwing a lit flashlight into a room to be searched? You are not 'framed' but there should be enough light to see what or who is in the room?

    One person suggested to me using a light stick.

    Another suggested pointing the flashlight at the ceiling and using the reflection to 'light' the room.
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  6. that sounds odd. i have known some very weak guys that had no issue.
  7. WT

    Millennium Member

    Oh, it is ODD!

    At the range I have seen young men who could not hold a revolver at arms length single handed. They simply did not have the strength to do so. Could not fire 10 rounds in slow fire.
  8. Be careful with listening to various tactical suggestions! A flashlight, for a homeowner in the kind of situation you describe, would best be used in short bursts of light. From a tactical point of view, you'd be better off (if at all possible and I AM AWARE that in some rural parts of the country you simply will not see a police officer come in a reasonable amount of time) remaining in your bedroom and setting up a defensive zone for you and yours.

    I'm not being passive here, just going by what is most likely to get you out of such a situation with the greatest chance for your success.


  9. Or release the hounds. :supergrin:

    I also enjoyed the part on DA revolvers. Most pups today don't know how to hold one correctly, let alone shoot one well. :whistling:
  10. Regrettably too true. :crying:
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  11. Not bad for a brother N.Y.PD. vet.
    Good job.
  12. What happens when the flashlight lands pointing at you? Or a hidden intruder grabs it and uses it against you?
    If the room is empty you now have to retrieve the flashlight, not to mention that if there is an intruder in a nearby room area, you just grabbed his attention with the noise.
    Baaaaad idea.
  13. Just had mine delivered from Blurb this afternoon. Just thumbed through it so far, but the quality and content look to be solid! Thanks for putting this into a book.
  14. Mas Ayoob

    Mas Ayoob KoolAidAntidote

    Well done, Chief! It was good to see some familiar names and faces from the past in there. "School Administrator's Guide to Practical Handgun Training" was particularly timely.
  15. The preview has put the book on my "must get" list.

    As someone who received some of his first training from LE PPC shooters and an old school FBI Agent, I have to say I am glad to see the revolver getting it's due respect.
  16. Thanks for the kind words guys!
  17. igor

    i will ahve to get it and read same. i went to quall last june and the instructor was amazed at my skill with a revolver. especially with speed loader workings. of course he was young and really didnt know much bout wheelguns. i said after poolicing for 40 years i had better be good with them

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