Finish wear on Scandium 340PD

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by FSUMach, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. I don't know much about the Scandium J-frames, but have been looking for something for front pocket carry.

    I found a 340PD with a Crimson Trace grip that was a rental gun at a local shop. From what I can tell from a short inspection, the gun is in good mechanical condition.

    I spoke with the shop's gunsmith, and he said it hasn't been shot very much, and he went over the whole gun, and replaced the springs. He assured me it is mechanically perfect.

    They are only asking $499, which I think is a good deal (correct me if I am wrong), BUT; the finish on the gun looks absolutely HORRIBLE. Scratches and peeled off protective coating all around the weapon.

    1) Does this have any detrimental effect other than looking bad? I want the gun for a carry piece, and my price limit is shaping up to be about $500, so I won't go with a new one, but I don't want a rusty piece of junk in a couple years either.

    2) Can the Scandium frames be refinished, and if so what does it cost?

    3) Am I better off forgetting the laser and the Scandium and getting a Ruger LCP 357 (which I worry may be too heavy for front pocket carry) or Smith 442 (which again, is a bit heavier and leaves no MV 357 option.)

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  3. TSAX


    A rental gun that has been not fired much :headscratch:

    Find out what the date on the gun is and what constitutes as not fired much to the people at the gun shop. When I manged a range the gun that was shot the fewest was the 44 but that was about a box every few weeks.

    On average the popular guns Glock 17, Sig P226, S&W 686 etc get rented almost daily with about 100 rounds through the semi's and 50 through the revolvers each time rented. Keep in mind Mon thru Thur its probably 200 and 50 but Fri thru Sun it can be 500 and 200. All in one week.

    The S&W 340 PD, each range is somewhat different on the not as popular guns and what gets rented there. Hence asking them what they mean not much. Lets say they have had the gun 1 year and you can check this because they have to have it logged into their when the gun was processed into their shop.

    So if they have it one year a one rental a month with 50 rounds thats 600 rounds. Not to mention that some of the workers may have shot a few boxes themselves through the gun. It is common that when a new gun is released that the workers will test it out to get a feel for it and see if they want it and to help them sell it.

    I am calling BS on not fired much if they have had this gun more than 6 months. If it was not fired much why were the springs replaced and was it factory parts put in. I would recommend a new S&W 442, I am not a fan of the LCR but there have been many happy owners. Good Luck

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  4. TSAX


    If you really want this gun, fire it and see how feels and rent the SW442 and LCR before you commit. The $499 price is not bad considering what is is new. But again why would the springs need replacement if it wasn't fired much. :headscratch:.

    What is the price new $750 to $850 and if so why is he moving a used gun about $250 lower $250 lower than new. Usually it is about $100 to $150 unless lots of drastic wear, firing and or issues. Gunbroker and Buds has this gun new for about $800 and LE pricing is about $650

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  5. HotRoderX

    HotRoderX Gen4 BETATester

    Just my humble opinon but just say no to range guns. I mean a range gun is like wait this is gonna get me banned. Hmm do you really want a gun everone has played with and shot? At least a Leo trade in you have a idea that it was carried lots shot little. Not to mention why did the finsh wear if the gun was shot little and taken care of? This to me makes zero since I think someone at the range is blowing smoke about the condition of the gun.
  6. Thanks. I slept on it and came to the conclusion its not for me also. Caviar taste and cheeseburger budget I guess!

    Appreciate the input guys.
  7. Now that the OP has passed on the range gun, may I also suggest a NIB 442 in .38 Sp.? It's ideal for pocket carry and shoots +P. I carry standard pressure anyway because I can't effectively shoot more than that out of a snubbie. Depending where you are, it can fit your under-$500 budget.
  8. I pocket carry a 340pd daily. I have a few dings on my gun from bumping into things. Overall it is in excellent condition. I haven't had any issues, this is my fav carry gun. Having the ability to carry .357 or .38 special is what sold me. By far my favorite carry piece! A lot of people are scared of the price, I don't regret it at all. I've seen used ones for about $450-$600 depending on the shop. $450 the gun was beat pretty bad.

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