Finally Picked up my AR!!

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by RyanBDawg, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Ordered it back at the end of December in Huntsville AL, but got delayed till the 4th of January. Finally got some time to come back to Huntsville today and picked it up.

    Mossberg MMR tactical.


    Looking forward to getting out and shooting it!

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  2. Very nice. Now you just need to give us a range report.

  3. Will do! I might actually pick up another one for my dad tomorrow. He can't find one up in TN..

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  4. Nice, never seen a Mossy AR in person but I know they build great shotguns so I would guess it would be a nice AR.

    Congrats :)
  5. Shotguns and ARs are completely different concepts.
  6. You do realize Mossberg has been making AR barrels and other parts for years before they decided to make their own complete AR right?

    It had everything I wanted for a reasonable price, especially considering the whole price gouging craziness that has been going on.

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  7. Thanks.

    I've been messing around with it, disassembled it. Everything looks great inside and out...

    Every review I've read for it has overwhelmingly positive things to say about it...

    Some people ***** about the Stark grip, I find it to be quite comfortable. If you have smaller hands, you probably would want to change it out, but I like it.

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  8. Ruger makes all kinds of quality firearm and all of them go bang each and every time you pull the trigger. S&W does as well. Seems to me Colt (who many consider to be the standard in production ARs) make a few 1911s and SA revolvers as well. :wavey:

    I don't think a company has to focus on one type of firearm to be successful at producing them.

    The AR (much like the 1911) is produced by many companies, and the vast majority of the companies that produce them do so well. As I said I have never seen a Mossy AR but they are not a company known for making poor firearms so I would assume that stands true for their ARs.
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  9. Nice. I am a fan of the 1911 and the AR so the more the merry when it comes to companies making them I say!

    First long gun I ever bought for myself was a Mossy 500 in 1991. Still have it. Skeet, paper, geese, soda cans and other targets and it has never let me down :supergrin:
  10. The one I handled seemed well made funky grip. but other wise nice
  11. That grip does look to thick for my girlish small hands :rofl:

    But that is one of the easiest fixes on a AR there is. And a ton of choices. I really like the Houge AR grips.
  12. Cool...I think this may be the first Mossberg AR15 I have ever seen on a forum I am a member of. I like their new bolt action rifle called the MVP Patrol that takes AR15 magazines. It would make for a great companion to this Mossberg AR.
  13. Congrats on the new rifle! Remember, Rolls Royce makes/made excellent piston engines and aircraft turbines. Same principles but a different design.
  14. Gunny Lingus

    Gunny Lingus Think it moved

    The fan boys are always saying that even though the parts come from the same places, it's the quality assurance, manufacturing techniques, and production testing that make a difference.

    If Mossberg has the QA aspect of shotguns tweaked, it's not a stretch to think they could bring the same quality to rifles. Unless of course, you're a fanboy.
  15. Flame on! :rofl:
  16. Right, because simply pointing out that shotguns and ARs use different principles for QA or operation means I must be a fan boy.

    I get the feeling you're the same kind of person that runs out to buy an iPhone the day it's released, only to find out that it's riddled with bugs that won't be fixed for weeks.
  17. Here is a fairly decent review of the MMR.. [ame=""]Mossberg MMR 5.56 Review (Supporting 2A) - YouTube[/ame]

    Ill try and get out and shoot it a bit, and I will let you guys know how it preformed.

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  18. Please do.

    Wait, I'm not allowed to be interested in a Mossberg AR, since I'm so obviously a Colt fanboy... :upeyes:
  19. I have seen 2 Mossberg .22lr AR type rifles. Both have had issues. Mostly magazine related. Curious to see how well they handle the .223.
  20. congrats, and enjoy :wavey:

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