Finally nabbed an HK45C

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by Beanie-Bean, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I missed out (miserably) on an HK45CT just prior to the madness early last month. I had it in my hand, really liked the night sights, and was going to pick it up after I could be sure to locate a thread protector for it. Anyhow, some idiot loon decided to commit a terrible crime, and the guns and ammo flew off the shelves here quicker than s**t.

    After seeing this one, I knew that I wasn't going to let the opportunity to add it to the stable pass me by again. Granted, it's not the CT version, it ships with shorter magazines, no night sights, and a standard barrel. However, it is mine now :supergrin:

    Yesterday while still at the LGS:


    Today after I cleaned her up:


    I did have a SIG Sauer P224 in-hand yesterday, and was quite impressed by the balance of it, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. When I find one (or can order one) with the features/caliber I want, then I'll add it, too. Meanwhile, I had to grab the 45C before someone else did.

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  3. barth

    barth six barrels

    The HK45CT barrel, thread protector and mags are easy enough to pick up.
    I like the factory HK45C better for carry anyway.

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  4. I've been wanting one of these for a long time. Right now I can't find anyplace that's got one for sale. Guess I'll wait until Feinstein's nonsense is put to rest and, hopefully, the market will loosen up a bit.
  5. Feb 2011, I paid $965 for an H&K 45C V1. If you do not mind telling, what are they going for currently?
  6. barth

    barth six barrels

    HK45C DA/SA $999 a few months ago.

    All within the last five months;
    P30 40 V2 $900
    P2000SK 40 V2 $862
    P2000 357 V2 $649 (two)

    I've kind of acquired a thing for HKs.
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  7. Thanks. Those are a lot better prices than what they are going for in the Seattle area, if you can even find one. The local gun stores will rape you in Western Washington.

    The only exception is in Bellevue (East of Seattle)

    For what it is worth, I paid $820 for my P30 V3 in Jan 2011

  8. Thanks, guys!

    Barth, I'll probably create my own version of the 45CT, but am awaiting the outcome of the proposed gun control to see if threaded barrels will still be legal to own...I was just about ready to create the NFA trust with my attorneys when the whole situation for us started heading south.


    Mine was $1029, and I must say that both DA and SA are just fine. It feels like a chunkier version if my P30, and I'm so happy that my HK45 10-round mags work!

  9. I like my HK45c so well that I am keeping my eyes open for the full size HK45.

    I like H&K firearms. I also find that H&K firearms owners tend to be more knowledgeable and typically more experienced than say, Glock owners. I think some of that is due to the fact that Glocks are cheaper and therefore attract newer, more inexperienced shooters, whereas H&K firearms are more expensive and new shooters tend not to want to spend that kind of money.

    Do not get me wrong, there are some very knowledgeable and experienced Glock owners, but some of the new shooter, Glock fan boys, amuse me with some of the things they write on GlockTalk.

    I also like Sig pistols, but when they are first released, H&K pistols tend to be more cutting edge/innovative. I find that Sig pistols, that I like (P226, P229, P220), weigh more than I like to carry. But, I do like them for home defense and target practice.
  10. mrsurfboard

    mrsurfboard The Anti-Glock

    You can't go wrong with the 45c. I love mine.
  11. barth

    barth six barrels

    Of my five HK handguns the HK45C Light LEM is my favorite.
    With my latest P2000SK 40 Light LEM a close second.

    I have no buyers remorse at all with any of them though.
    And would be more than just happy carrying any of them.
  12. Congrats on the gun! She's a beauty. Can't wait to get my Hk45C to go with my Hk45. Awesome guns!

    If you want a threaded barrel I'd do it quick. It probably just won't be an option if thats one of the things that get passed. And if it does get passed they will never go door to door collecting the stuff. They don't have the time or resources.
  13. r3dot

    That is a sweet gun!
  14. Thanks, mrsurfboard. I still have to load up some different loads before I take her out to the range. Thankfully, all the brass sorting/prep is done. The .45ACP cases with small pistol primers are evil, and will cause a stoppage at the press. So, I've got to spend more time sorting out that brass from mine.

    Barth, you are my official HK Hero! I've seen the P2000 and a lot of USPs here in town, but haven't had the opportunity to handle a P2000SK. I do have one of those on my 2013 version of "The List," and hope to find one in .357SIG.

    iLift--you'll enjoy the full-size beast, for sure. I shot factory through it first to break it in and to see how it ran, and later ran my own loads through it with no issues or malfunctions. It was my favorite Glock load that I was using. Mike over at Cross Creek Guns (HK Forum sponsor) was able to ship some brand-new magazines for the HK45 (and now HK45C) for a great price. While everyone else has been elevating their pricing, he's elected to take care of his customers, and for that I have to pass the good news.

    Point taken on the threaded barrel advice. Thank you for that!

    Thanks, r3dot! It's about the same size as my P30, but with a slightly thicker slide, which makes it just a tad bit heavier.
  15. Enjoy your HK45 when you get I mentioned in the previous post, Mike from Cross Creek Guns has great deals on HK45 magazines, and his customer service is outstanding.

    I enjoy my "daily driver" Glocks, but enjoy shooting some Cadillacs every now and then, too. The fit/finish, and my overall experience with them has been great so far, and I wouldn't expect anything less from any of their other products.

    I, too, like the SIG Sauer classic line of pistols, and have really taken a liking to one of my latest: an M11-A1 on which I've swapped out the P228 grips for an E2 one-piece grip, and also swapped out the "thin" trigger for a "thick" trigger. I've got an older P228, and the new M11-A1 just doesn't compare to it, because it's really a non-rail P229. Of all the SIGs I have, I really only have a P238HD and P239 in my CCW rotation.
  16. combatmedic78

    combatmedic78 SempreEnHostes

    I also just picked up a HK45C for EDC. I was hearing that it will not fit a surefire light but Barth's picture that I am drooling over with the threaded barrel shows a surefire x300 mounted. How were you able to mount the x300 on it?
  17. barth

    barth six barrels

    The rail on my P30 and HK45C will accept the X300 light
    If you use the quick removable attachment.
    But the rail isn't really long enough to lock on like it was
    designed to. It's still pretty tight, but not perfect.
    #16 barth, Jan 5, 2013
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  18. well done, beanie. no doubt the 45c will come to be one of your favorites, as it has for many of us. it is remarkable for numerous reasons, including it's ability to tame the recoil of the 45 acp round. experienced folks have fired mine and said 'THAT'S a 45?'.......

    BIG admirer of the hk marque here. go ahead and shoot one of the p7 series, beanie..... then the madness will really start.

    hey, barth-- i know you've been asked before, but who makes the grip adapter on yours?

    regards to all-- deguelo
  19. I have a H&K USP .45 compact sitting in my safe I bought new back in 97. Recently got back from several years overseas. Is there a really a big demand for these now?
  20. I'm pretty sure that I'll be adding a P7 at some point in time. Just trying to resist for now, kind of like I was before I picked up my first AR-15 just prior to the tragic shootings and the panic buying which ensued. I could probably sell my gear now and buy the same stuff later on, but the uncertainty of the availability keeps mine at home.


    I've got the HK45C (to go along with my HK45, of course...) Not sure of the demand for the USP model, but I know that the H&K has a very loyal following.

    Welcome back home! Go shoot the USP to see if it's still for you--chances are there's someone out there on the hunt for one if you're going to part with it...
  21. combatmedic78

    combatmedic78 SempreEnHostes

    Thanks, Barth!

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