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Final Update on my problem Gen 3 G17

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by HKLovingIT, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil

    Aug 20, 2010
    Out On The Tiles
    No more problems.

    Well if you've been following my saga about my 3/2012 Gen 3 G17, I fixed it a couple weeks ago by pulling the ejector from a Gen 4 trigger housing. I have now 1650 rounds of my usual collection of Blazer, Fed, AE, etc. through it with this setup and can report that there was one incident of BTF.

    It was 1 round of Blazer 124 gr when my youngest son was shooting it doing a mag dump and very obviously unlocked his wrist. Other than that everything is perfect.

    The extractor in it is the MIM non-dip Glock put in when it took a trip back to Smyrna this past summer. That particular extractor has approximately 5600 rounds on it now. The Gen 4 ejector combo accounts for 1650 of them. I have no further concerns.

    I installed night sights yesterday and X300 and its's on my hip as I type this. I'd trust it with my life and that of my family.

    Parts I went through during all this:

    2 x RSA
    3 x Gen 3 Trigger housings
    4 x Extractors (original dip, NOS one I had, Glock non-dip replacement, a non-dip Glock OEM from Midway)
    2 x firing pin safety and spring
    1 x trigger spring
    3 x magazine springs that wore out and caused stovepipes in my test magazines
    2 x extractor depressor plungers (lci)
    2 x extractor depressor plunger spring
    1 x trigger bar and trigger
    1 x slide lock lever and spring
    1 x Gen 4 ejector
    1 x barrel and complete frame, and slide internals except channel liner from another Gen 3 G17.

    Other than the ejector and extractor swaps I do not believe any other parts swaps did diddly. It all came down really to the Gen 4 ejector fixing it. There is still something not the same with this Gen 3 compared to my other batch of G17s but it was fixable in my case.

    Total round count is just shy of 9900.

    My opinion:

    1. If you want a G17 buy a Gen 3.
    2. When getting a Gen 3 I would personally look for a gently used one with a serial number starting F through L. Though I have three Glock 9mms that start with M and N and are no trouble.
    3. If you get a newer one and start getting BTF or you have it from the word go, don't even screw around. Order a Gen 4 trigger housing and pull the ejector and put it in before burning through a bunch of ammo.
    4. If you start getting stovepipes fix your grip or replace your mag springs. The Glock really seems to count on a certain floor threshold of upward tension from the next round in the magazine to operate optimally. Seems that my factory mag springs started to get really soft at about the 2000 round mark each, loading 10 rounds per time. That's about 200 loadings. Maybe there is something to the argument that leaving a spring compressed is okay but the constant compression and release is what wears them down. Just my observation.
    5. With the Gen 4 ejector this Glock is now as ammo insensitive as all my others. It doesn't care what you feed it.
    6. My opinion is that this pistol has a manufacturing issue or something, but that it was solvable using the newly Glock designed ejector. I point my gnarled up trigger finger at the milling for the extractor cut out.
    7. Shooting it this much sure gave it a nice natural trigger job.
    8. If your newer G17 worked perfect out of the box and you have at least 1000 rounds through it, cool. This one didn't. This was real. It happened and was related to you guys to the best of my recollection and notes for the purpose of hopefully helping someone else.
    9. My next G17 will be a used older one. I know 99.whatever % new production are probably fine but I do this on my dime.
    10. I will be keeping this G17.

    That is all.

    "Perfection" restored but it was a heck of a trip getting there. I had a lot of fun shooting it despite all the hubaloo. It was also very educational. I learned a lot from everyone's input and ideas from both sides of the aisle. Especially about the mechanics of the action and a lot of good stuff from the "old hands" on here. Thanks everyone for sharing your knowledge.

    I still like Glocks. A lot. Even though my H&Ks are cooler and you know it. :tongueout:

    This is the most expensive Glock I have ever owned. I'm going to send it off to get gold plated next. :rofl:
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  2. SJ 40

    SJ 40

    Jan 17, 2011
    Glad you were able to get it up and running,even though you had to go the extra mile with time and expense. SJ 40

  3. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil

    Aug 20, 2010
    Out On The Tiles
    It kind of turned into a hobby with this one but I figured I'd see it through to the end one way or another and take one for the team. :rofl:
  4. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil

    Aug 20, 2010
    Out On The Tiles
    Oh brother, now you've gone and done it. :rofl:

    Gimme a Gen 2 with a rail and I'd be in hog heaven.
  5. J.B.


    Sep 5, 2012
    Thanks for the info! My gen 3 17 is hitting me in the forehead about 1-2 times a mag and I was wondering where to start. Do I have to go through a Glock armorer or does Midway have the trigger housing?
  6. clarkz71


    Aug 24, 2012
    South Florida
    Midway has the 9mm G4 ejector/trigger housing in stock, .40 backorder.

    Glock has the .40 G4 trigger housing in stock and 9mm backorder.
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  7. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    Jan 3, 2009
    Smyrna, GA
    I have a Gen3 G34 that I bought in October 2011 that's giving me occasional stove pipes. I really love the gun, but it seems to do this ONLY during a match! LOL

    I bought one of those HRED extractor plungers but haven't even installed it yet. Gonna have to get a Gen 4 ejector and replace my magazine springs to see if that will cure it.

    Thanks for the update and hopefully my problems will be cured. I also have a Gen3 G17 that I bought in 2009 (before all the changes) that run like a champ, but I prefer the G34 for USPSA/IDPA, etc.