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Final thoughts for Konan

Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by mfackler, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. I lost a good friend today. 15+ years ago a friend of mine had a barn cat show up at his barn. He was a Siamese looking huge tom. His name was Konan. My friend knowing a great cat when he seen one and knowing his wife was soon to move the cat inside and further knowing I had just lost a cat asked me if I would take him. I did! Konan saw me through the beginning days of AA. God! He saw me through a lot. I will always remember how if I would get upset about anything he would constantly prance around under foot. One day I was in bed and noticed him. He looked just like a restless tiger prancing the area protecting his pride. Yet another time my small dog was in what we call his “cave” between my chair and the wall. We noticed Konan in there with him witch was very unusual. As we noticed both came out. The dog “buddy” had a slight seizure. I swear to God Konan was trying to help him. Failing that he was getting our attention so we could help.

    Konan has been going down hill now for the past few months. He went from 20+ lbs to probably no more then 10 or 12. He was drinking constantly and the water would pass right through. I have had enough cats to know kidney failure when I see it. Oh how I wish my friend Konan would be Ok, but he wasn’t. Any medical heroics were going to be for me not for him. He deserved better than that. This AM it was time. I took my good friend for over 15 years to have him put down…:-(
    I would really appreciate it if my GT friends would have a kind thought for Konan today.

    RIP Konan RIP

    DEUCE-DOBE Landshark&Sis'

    Dec 10, 2004
    East to West Coasts
    I wrote this in response to another thread. I'll add a little something at the end for this thread.

    I haven't lost a pet in quite awhile...

    A family cat died years back and it was the first time I witnessed my father cry (I was 22 years old)... it was my dad's cat, for all intent and purpose. My Dad is a rough, yet kindhearted guy of 5'8" and 230 lbs of muscle (his personality is alot like the father on "orange county choppers'). He's an accomplished amateur boxer and highschool star athlete, who grew up in the inner city of Buffalo, NY. He worked hard all his life and literally forged a life for himself and his family, from nothing. This man was, and still is, the man who confronted a group of about 15 college-age guys who were wreaking havoc in our neighborhood one night, and the biggest one (about 6'4", 250 lbs) was the first-and only one- he needed to whoop. A good-gentle tough guy my father is.

    He had never showed such hurting emotion as I saw that day. He bought the cat for my mom, yet she (the cat) liked him the most. Her name was "Channel" (aka: shu-shu) she was a himalayan, and he purchased a padded barstool that stood next to the dinner table. Come dinner time, no one wore a hat, put their elbows on the table, etc. yet, my dad would call: 'shu-shu' and she'd come a-runnin', and jump and sit on the barstool, next to my father while we all ate. She'd just sit there and watch us, and of course, receive a tid-bit now and then for her very good manners. She slept ON him at night. He'd have torn any man or beast apart that would have tried to hurt his shu-shu... I'd think that their bond was/is so strong that even speaking bad of her today would lead someone down a path ending in an emergency ward visit.

    I remember coming to my parent's home one day and my Dad was in tears, holding shu-shu. She had been having problems, but this 'was it'. She was alive, but barely. He couldn't bring himself to move, let alone take her to the vet to be put down. Her bodily functions had 'let go' and her feces/urine had come out, partially onto my father's arms. Yet he held her, stroking her to keep her as comfortable as possible. *this is hard on me writing this* . This was one of those times when you realize your super-hero, do-all father is actually human.

    That was oh, about 10 years ago... I've since married and moved out of state and just got a Doberman. My wife and I have had him for about a year now... just thinking about his eventual demise depresses me greatly... and he's only a year old. Funny thing is, is that he's "our shu-shu". Bought him to protect my wife when I travel for my job (and of course be a spoiled pet). He loves us equally and sits beside us at the dinner table, only occassionally over-stepping his limits (he is a pup), and sleeps 'all over' the both of us at night.

    Even though he's bred to be the finest and most capable of guard dogs, as he's grown to about 90 lbs now, I would not allow him to 'fight' an intruder if I was there... I'd do that if need be. That's how much I love my boy (stupid or not)... hence I don't know how I'll deal with it, but rest-assurred, I'll literally be a basket-case for awhile when he goes.

    The funniest thing: when my parents visit, our Dobe IMMEDIATELY goes to my dad... and WON'T leave him alone for their entire visit. My father rants and raves about his 'grand-puppy' to anyone who'll listen.

    Sorry for carrying on... point is that cat, dog, mouse, whatever, it all depends on the person and their pet's bond to them.

    NEW THREAD: I'm terribly sorry for your loss. At some point in the future, you two will be reunited. It is my opinion that when a creature can bond so deeply with another creature of a totally different species, be it man with animal, or animal to animal, it is a sign of not only 'goodness' but a sign of a higher level of understanding and compassion. Konan was given to you by God for a purpose, to help see you through life for the time he was here, physically. Now, his memory will do the same, continuing to make you a better, stronger person... I'm sure that's what he would want. And like I said, you'll see him again... this is but an interruption in your mutual paths.

  3. MrsKitty


    Mar 23, 2003
    I know your pain. I had my Alf put down after he was my little companion for over nineteen years. When it is time, it is time. It is something you do out of love although it hurts so bad.

    Konan is waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge :)
  4. sorry for your lose. prayers from nc sent , to me loosing a pet is losing a family member, no difference from pet to human. r.i.p